The 20 Dumbest Things Guys Have Said About Women

Throughout my life, I have heard men say some very dumb things about women – just like any other female. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told that men are “just better” at math and science than women. I’ve heard guys try to rationalize why a woman could never be president – my personal favorite reason is that we get our periods, so there would always be one week of every month where we tried to screw up the entire country. One guy even tried to convince me that if girls are on top during sex and a guy finishes inside of them, they can’t get pregnant because the sperm just falls out. Oh.

Listen, I’m not trying to act like girls don’t say dumb things about guys – we do, and I’ve heard it firsthand! – or that every single guy out there should know every little detail about being a woman. But I do think that we should all have a basic understanding of the way the opposite gender works, and I also think men should be taught to stop saying sexist statements as if they are fact. That’s what makes these thoughts dumb – the fact that they are not rooted in logic and that they are inherently sexist. 

Where did these come from? Women discussed the dumbest things guys have said about females to them in this genius Ask Reddit thread. Read through, laugh, feel shocked, and then please share what you’ve heard in the comments below!


1. If you have sex with a pregnant woman, the penis can poke the baby.


Torokinzz: I’m 20 years old. These guys were 18-19. They told me that having sex with pregnant women was dangerous for the baby since it meant that you could poke the baby’s soft skull. It took me an hour to convince them that they were wrong.


2. You can control your period blood the same way you control pee. 


pistachio-pie: “Can’t you just hold it in?” Regarding period blood.


3. A woman could never be president because we aren’t rational enough. 

president1 president2

soeob: “There’s no way we could ever have a female president. We’d be declaring war once a month. Women just aren’t meant for roles like that. You may not realize it, but women would be much happier if they were all stay at home moms. That’s what women are supposed to do.”


4. Women can’t possibly be interested in stereotypical male interests because there’s no way they could actually know enough about them to be genuine.


Durbee: “The Inquisition.” If ever you have participated in a predominantly male hobby, you know what’s up. You’ve got to prove yourself, repeatedly, by answering a barrage of questions in a manner that slightly satisfies them… Until the next time they see you again, and then the process repeats itself ad infinitum.
The conversation follows a pretty basic formula: “Oh, yeah? You really like (hobby/interest/sport)? So tell me, (what/who/when) the (ridiculously specific factoid)?”
Then, you either wreck them with your expertise or get dismissed out of hand because you don’t quite measure up. It’s exhausting, predictable and annoying AF.
Women cannot afford to be casuals where “manly” hobbies are concerned.


5. Women shouldn’t have abortions because adoption is an option.


WeHaveAView: “Why do women have to have abortions, they can just do an adoption” as though being pregnant for nine months and giving birth is the easiest thing in the world and only a minor inconvenience.


6. All women have rape fantasies. 

excuse me

RagingFuckalot: “Every woman has a ‘rape fantasy’. It’s a natural part of being a woman.”


7. Women have different brains than men and we can’t control anything.


momordica: To paraphrase: “Women and men’s minds are like boxes except women only have one box while men have a lot. That’s why women always mix up their feelings and can’t concentrate because they put everything in one box. Men don’t do that. They’re able to separate things into different boxes.”


8. Women can get out of anything by flirting.


Monstera_leaf: Perhaps when my ex said women are lucky, because if we’re pretty, we can flirt our way out of legal trouble. He said it in such a pretentious way, too, like “you knoow, one might even say.. that women are LUCKY..” etc.


9. Men have bigger brains.

born stupid

maidmaz: Men are smarter because they have bigger brains. Dad still says it all the time.


10. Women should avoid having sex if they don’t want to get pregnant.


thebitchrake: “If women don’t want to be pregnant, then they shouldn’t have sex” This was an ex of mine. I stopped having sex with him immediately after and he didn’t get it. When I reminded him of what he said, he just spluttered and said I was obligated to have sex with him because we slept naked in the same bed together and were in a relationship.


11. Men are naturally superior to women.


DarcyMcCarbomb: That since God made men first and in his image, it’s just natural that men are superior and there’s “no point trying to fight it.”


12. Women can’t do science.


macaronibees: “You can’t help with the chem practical. You’re a girl” Shut up, you just tipped acid all down your arm and you’ve got bubbles in the burette. Give it to me


13. Women pee through their vaginas.

taylor swift

HmongDynasty: “You can’t pee during sex because I’ll be plugging your pee hole with my penis!” He thought we peed through our vagina…


14. If a woman can’t fit in guys’ pants, that means they’re fat.

shut up

nolights2174: Some guy I saw here on Reddit said that women can use men’s pants as there is absolutely no difference between a man’s body and a woman’s body, so if you don’t fit in man’s pants, then that means you’re fat.


15. Every woman wants a child.


ashmagic487: Women want to be mothers, it’s in their nature.


16. Guys have to cheat if their girlfriend won’t have sex with them, they can’t control it.


niamhish: From my ex: ‘If a girlfriend/wife can’t or won’t give her man sex, he has the right to find it elsewhere’.


17. Women are less logical than men.


Mooncinder: “Women aren’t as logical as men, are they?”


18. Women only want to get married to live off their husband.


katekate1507: Ex’s friend said to him in front of me: “The only reason women get married is so they can stop working and live off you.”


19. Getting kicked in the balls is worse than giving birth.

no thanks

La_Ferg: I hate when guys say being hit in the balls is more painful than childbirth. I’ve never had a kid, and yah I’ not a guy so I’ve never been kicked in the balls, but please I highly doubt your “gut wrenching pain” (that lasts a minute) is not worse than squeezing a fucking human through a 10 centimeter hole.


20. Guys are naturally better at sports.


UniChai: When my gym teacher said guys are better than girls at every sport and then said the girls wanted to play the guys not to prove him wrong BUT because we all secretly had crushes on the guys.


Which of these things have you heard someone say about women? What do you disagree with the most? Tell us in the comments.

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    Glad you were able to clear all that up. Your ability to decide for all is amazing, said the man sarcastically.