7 BS Excuses You Always Make For Guys, But Shouldn’t

Few things are more infuriating than somebody saying, “boys will be boys.” This phrase seems innocuous if it only makes you think of little boys playing in dirt or rough housing, but it becomes a lot less cute when it’s applied to teenagers and grown men’s behavior or treatment of women. It’s one thing to say “boys will be boys” when we’re talking about a little boy tugging on a girl’s pig tails, it’s another when we’re making excuses for a dude cheating on his girlfriend.

I’m not saying that only guys do awful things and girls don’t. But I am saying that we sure do a good job making excuses for their behavior on the basis of them being men that we definitely don’t grant to women! Sup, double standards. If you’re skeptical, take a look at these seven BS excuses you probably make for guys, but shouldn’t.

'Guys Have A High Sex Drive, So Of Course They're Going To Cheat.'

NOPE. Using caveman behavior to excuse a dude having the nerve to cheat is not okay. Ever. Cheating isn't some natural phenomenon, it's a conscious decision that somebody makes. Also, girls are capable of having high sex drives, too, and you don't see that being used to excuse a woman cheating, do you?

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'It's Okay If A Guy Isn't Attentive In Bed, That's Just...Guys Being Guys.'

Cis-gender straight women are expected to know how to please a cis-gender straight dude's body, but we're supposed to accept that they don't know what the clit is? Nah, bye! Your pleasure matters, too. Don't let guys get away with being clueless.

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'Guys Are Natural Protectors! So It's Not Weird For Him To Be Overprotective!'

Overprotective behavior can very quickly stop being sweet and start being scary and controlling. Also, it's worth noting that women who are seen as overprotective are characterized as nags...while guys are seen as loving? Nope.


'Guys Aren't Used To Being In Touch With Their Emotions, So It's Understandable If He Doesn't Like To Listen To My Rants.'

Unfortunately, we do live in a society that has disdain for men being outwardly emotional. But that doesn't mean that they are void of empathy or feelings. If you're feeling sad or expression yourself and your BF is ignoring you, don't excuse that behavior as him being a dude. That's him being a jerk.


'Guys Just Can't Help Themselves, They're Sexual Creatures!'

I hear this more often than I'd like to, especially when it comes to issues of sexual harassment or assault. It's particularly boggling when men say this, because it makes them sound like animals who have absolutely zero self control. That's not exactly something to brag about, and it also lets guys off the hook for some seriously deplorable behavior. For every dude who couldn't keep his hands to himself, there are dudes who manage to do just that. So, yeah, being a dude is no excuse for not having any respect for people's bodies.

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'Guys Want To Be Macho, So It's Natural For Them To Be Violent.'

Dudes get bonus points for acting tough and displaying tough talk, but that doesn't mean that that's behavior that can be ignored, especially if you're at the receiving end of some machismo BS.


'Guys Mature Slower Than Girls, So He'll Grow Out Of It.'

I wish this were the case, but I know way too many dudes who are immature AF and aren't teenagers anymore. Guys shouldn't be let off the hook for bad behavior on the basis of not being mature when girls of the same age are expected to be responsible for their actions.


What other ridiculous excuses do we make for guys? Do you think any of them are fair? Tell us in the comments!

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