Would You Rather: Netflix And Chill Disasters

I never understood what Netflix and Chill actually meant until just a few months ago. Whenever I heard people use that phrase, I automatically assumed that it meant actually enjoying good movie on Netflix with friends. But then I finally found out what it really means (basically a euphemism for hooking up), and this was my reaction:


I still can’t believe that I never understood the meaning of that phrase until recently, but now, as I reflect on all the times that I’ve heard people use it, it just clarifies so much (I mean seriously, how was I supposed to know that Netflix and Chill really meant sex?). But anyway, even though Netflix and Chill is the perfect opportunity to snuggle with your partner and get (really) intimate, you can’t ignore the fact that a ton of things could go wrong. I mean, what if your ex stopped by for an unexpected visit? Or what if your partner just ditched you and left you hanging out of nowhere? Take our poll below to see if you can get through some of the worst Netflix and Chill disasters ever:





Which of these was the hardest for you to choose? Do you think you could handle these situations? Tell us in the comments below!

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