12 Hilarious Tweets About Sexting That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

I am of two minds when it comes to the subject of sexting. On one hand, I’ve got no qualms–it’s an easy way to stay in contact (well, contact-less contact) with a bae (or fling, or crush, or whatever) if you can’t be together in the moment. Plus, there’s the obvious fact that lots and lots of people are doing it already–on slow, sleepy news days like today, I like to imagine millions and millions of sexts whizzing through the air, delivering hotly-anticipated nudies and “haha n then what ;)” sexts at a rapid pace to separated (but united at heart) sexters all around the globe.

It’s just that a lot can go wrong, logistically speaking (that have nothing to do with being slutty). Your parents can find them. Nudes can leak. Someone you once trusted to keep your pictures safe could turn out to be not-so-trustworthy after all. Plus, on a purely superficial level–though one that is no less vital to this discussion, IMO–taking your own nudes is notoriously difficult. Like, finding the right lighting for selfies is hard enough–how are you supposed to find a flattering angle and light scheme  for your boobs? There is a lot to think about! Like I said–I’m divided. You know what I am not divided on, however? These tweets on sexting, because I think everyone can agree that they are absolutely hilarious. Check ’em out:

1. The key to sexting success? Keep ’em guessing:


2. Or just be extremely open about where you’re willing to take this:


3. Or let your paramour know that you accept their, um, shortcomings:


4. Yeah, grandma! Take that!!!


5. Just imagine:


6. Noted relationship expert Nicole Richie totally gets it:


7. Let ’em know you’re a straight-up freak:


8. Well. It happens to the best of us?


9. If you have to ask if something is a “sext”–yes, usually it absolutely is:


10. Especially in this case:


11. And this one:


12. Feeling some doubt? Sensual Li’l Kim lyrics are your new BFF:

What do you think of these tweets? Which one was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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