14 Signs You Are The Annoying Friend

Do you guys remember the once extremely popular comedian Dane Cook, who did shows all over the country and got everyone into listening to comedy acts on their first generation iPods? Okay, well, whether you do or don’t, it’s important to know that Dane Cook had one very funny skit: The Friend That Nobody LikesAKA the Karen skit. The Karen skit was about that one annoying friend that every single friend group has. Karen was the girl everyone loved to talk about as soon as she walked away, the one who got made fun of every time everyone hung out, and the one everyone always rolled their eyes at. Ugh. Karen.

The reason this skit made people literally shriek with laughter is because it was – and is – so damn true. No matter how much you love your friends, every friend group out there has that one annoying friend who everyone talks about. Is that fair or even nice? No, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

But if it’s true, then doesn’t that mean that you could be the annoying friend and not even know it? Yes, that’s exactly what it means. While I don’t want to make anyone feel badly about themselves – because, honestly, you are awesome and you shouldn’t are if someone thinks you’re annoying – I do feel like it’s my duty to point out that you might be bugging your friends. Whether this means you need to stop doing certain things or if it means your friends suck remains to be seen, but let’s discuss. Here are 12 signs you are the annoying friend. 

1. People get weirdly quiet when you walk in the room.


If you’ve noticed that every time you walk in a room full of friends, things get quiet, that might not be just a weird coincidence. It could mean that they really were just talking about you behind your back. Awkward.


2. Everyone gets annoyed with you very quickly.

shut up

Does it feel like your friends get mad at you over every single little thing? If so, really think about why they’re getting mad at you. If it feels like it’s for no reason, it could be because they’re just annoyed with you in general. Or, and let’s be real for a second, it could be because you’re doing something to legitimately bug them, and you don’t want to admit it.


3. No one ever takes your ideas seriously.


When everyone is constantly annoyed at one person, they often don’t take that person seriously. If you feel like your friends never want to do your plans, or that they never want to listen to what you have to say, or that they ignore your advice, it could be because they’re frustrated with you.


4. You feel out of place sometimes.


Nothing is worse than being with all of your friends and feeling awkward, like you’re not supposed to be there. If you’re with your best friends, you’re supposed to feel comfortable! If for some reason you feel uncomfortable, it could be because there’s something going on.


5. You’re always the one reaching out to everyone.


Friendship is a two-way street. If your besties never text you, never include you in group chats, and never ask you to come hang out, that’s a problem. If you’re the one doing all of the asking and making every single attempt at communication, that’s not good!


6. A lot of the time, group hangouts turn into everyone teasing you. 

youre an idiot

When friends are annoyed at someone, they tend to be a little bit more honest… and mean. They might gang up on you and make fun of you a lot, or maybe they’ll just constantly tease you throughout the night. If everyone is doing it to each other, it’s one thing… but if it always feels like it’s them against you, that might be because it kind of is.


7. They go out without you a lot.

left out

Your friends obviously don’t need to invite you to everything, but if you notice that they go out without you more often than not, then there’s a problem.


8. No one really tells you anything or goes to you first.


If you were the annoying friend, then your friends wouldn’t tell you everything about their lives or make you the first person they call when they’re having a problem. But ask yourself this: do you not know anything about your friends because they’re pushing you away, or is it because you never ask them about themselves?


9. You, admittedly, ask for a lot of favors.


Okay fine, so you’re always asking your friends to help with you stuff. It’s not your fault you don’t always have time to return the favors! But if this explains you pretty well, then it could mean they’re annoyed with you.


10. You talk about whoever isn’t around all the time.


Gossip can be fun, even when it’s about mutual friends. But if your main form of communication with friends is to make fun of everyone else, they might be annoyed at you. No one wants to only talk about negative stuff with someone!


11. So, fine, you’re not super reliable.


People get annoyed when someone acts flakey and like they can’t be counted on. If you’re always bailing on plans for no real reason or saying you’ll help them with something and then saying you can’t make it, that could easily be making them angry.


12. You get annoyed with them a lot and you’re not afraid to confront them about everything.

47 texts

If you know you’re over-sensitive, this could mean you’re the annoying friend. I know that sounds unfair, but people get easily frustrated with someone who takes everything to heart and gets mad about everything. If you find yourself constantly picking fights with your friends, really ask yourself why you’re so angry.


13. You ask a lot of them, but isn’t that what friends are for?


Maybe you want your friends to be around 24/7 whenever you need them. Maybe you want them to say exactly the right things and get annoyed when they don’t. Maybe you get mad at them for putting something else first. But… that can all be a little annoying, so remember that they don’t have to do everything for you.


14. You think you are, which is why you’re reading this.

toy story

Let’s face it: if you looked at this title and immediately felt like it applied to you, it probably does.


Do you think you’re the annoying friend? What do you disagree with? Let us know in the comments.

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