13 Couples You Think Are Cute Who Actually Need To Break Up

At this point, I think that we are all well-versed in the finer details of the Internet scourge known as “Relationship Goals.” Together, we have tried to figure out what, exactly, the term really means. Why the pictures are so confusing. Why people think that being “scary and possessive” actually translates to “relationship goals.”

I think we can all agree, then, that relationship goals–like, the conceptual, hashtagged version we are spoon-fed on Instagram and Tumblr, not having goals for an actual relationship, which is actually a good thing to have–are pretty terrible. Of course, they’re terrible in a fun way–if you allow yourself to ask one reasonable question when looking at some of these pictures, like, I don’t know, “do bae and I need to have matching sweatpants for a succesful relationship?” or “Are giant, stuffed bears something that real people actually want?” they just don’t stop. The fanfiction practically writes itself!

Here’s the thing, though: A lot of these couples, if you look beyond their objectively good looks, hot bods, inexplicable wealth, and high-thread-count sheets, they seem like they’d be pretty miserable. Like, the kind of miserable that, if I were their friend, I’d be like, “Look. I know you’re excited about finally finding that ‘special someone’ who’s just as hot as you, and you just spent all of your money on a life-size teddy bear, but what are you as a person getting out of this?”

Do these couples have friends, though? You know, other than the photographer they force to hang out with them to capture their pre-and-post-coital moments? If so, why aren’t they saying anything? I don’t know, but I do know at least one thing–a lot of these #RelationshipGoals couples should probably just go ahead and break up:

1. No. Break up:


2. End this:


3. Release him:


4. Let go:




6. This relationship should…probably end:


7. ?????????


8. No one seems comfortable in this relationship–maybe it’s time for the “talk?”




10. Break up with this person who doesn’t “care what you say:”

11. First, break up. Then, BURN this sweatshirt:


12. This poor, embattled puppy knows that this relationship was doomed from the start–he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore:


13. Same:

What do you think of these #RelationshipGoals pictures? Do you think they’re actually cute, or not? Let us know in the comments!

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    What’s bad about number 2?