10 Common Beauty Mistakes That Are Ruining How Your Makeup Looks

Applying makeup has never been my strong suit. Just looking at certain products usually gets me way too confused, and whenever I try to apply makeup products that I’ve never used before, I almost always end up applying it the wrong way. In fact, I can barely even manage the basics, so whenever I try to do something complicated, I end up looking like clown.


While doing makeup can be a lot of fun, it’s definitely important to know how to apply it the right way. I know from experience that this can be a constant struggle for makeup newbies or people who don’t wear it too often, but you’d be surprised to know that even the most experienced makeup pros end up making mistakes. So regardless of where you stand with makeup, you might be making common mistakes and ruining your look without even knowing it. I mean, have you ever applied makeup right after moisturizing or stretched your skin while applying makeup? If you answered yes to any of those, then you should probably take a look at these 10 common beauty mistakes that are ruining how your makeup looks.

Using Your Fingers To Apply Foundation

Using your fingers to apply makeup can be so tempting because it’s quick and easy, but it’s not the best idea. Applying foundation this way can make it look uneven and it won’t be as smooth, so always use a foundation brush or sponge for a better blend.

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Applying Makeup Immediately After You Moisturize

Once you cleanse and moisturize your skin, you should wait at least one to two minutes before you start applying your makeup. Why? Well one, the moisturizer needs time to be absorbed properly and two, if the moisturizer isn’t dry, it will cause your makeup to thin out. This can actually affect how your foundation will look throughout the day and lead to blotchiness.

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Using The Wrong Type Of Foundation

One of the main reasons why people end up using the wrong foundation is because they tend to disregard the fact that there are specific kinds for different skin types. Another big mistake is that people test the foundations on their hands, rather than their face. Now, testing foundations against your hand is understandable if you want to familiarize yourself with the feel and texture, but when it comes to color matching, you have to test it on your jawline. It turns out that the complexion of your hand is usually slightly different, so even if it appears to be a match on your hand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the perfect color.

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Stretching Your Skin When You Apply Makeup

Are you used to stretching your mouth wide open when you apply lipstick, or tugging at your eyelids when you put on mascara and eyeliner? If so, then you need to stop ASAP, because these habits can actually create more wrinkles on your skin. Try your best to keep your face as normal as possible when you apply makeup.

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Setting Your Whole Face With Powder

Unless you want your face to look dry and chalky, you shouldn’t set your entire face with powder. But if you want, you can use a powder brush to lightly powder the forehead and the bridge of your nose. Leave some areas without powder for a more natural and glowing look.

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Applying Way Too Much Bronzer

The purpose of a bronzer is to add a subtle, natural glow. However, if you add too much or try to apply it all over your face, it will look way too overwhelming. Just stick to the main parts of your face that need bronzer, like your temples, cheekbones, and jaw. Also, a little goes a long way!

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Applying Concealer Before Foundation

This is an easy way to cake on way too much makeup, and applying concealer before can cause it to move around when foundation is applied on top of it. By applying your foundation first, you can actually easily see which spots need more coverage

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Skipping The Eyelid Primer When You Apply Eye Shadow

Eyelid primers are meant to make your eyeshadow last longer and look more pigmented. It can even prevent creasing. So when you skip eye primer, your eyeshadow is more likely to crease and look washed out by the end of the day.

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Not Blending Properly

When it comes to blending, you should do it in a circular motion until there are no visible or obvious lines. If you sweep your brush back and forth (especially when it comes to blending blushes), it will look way too harsh and won't blend in as nicely.

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Applying Lipstick Without Exfoliating Your Lips First

Applying lipstick over really dry and chapped lips is just not a good look. I mean, you’d basically be smearing lipstick on a dry layer of dead skin cells and the application wouldn’t be as smooth. So to avoid patchy lips, use a mild exfoliating scrub for your lips.

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Which of these shocked you the most? Have you been making any of these makeup mistakes? Tell us in the comments below!

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