14 Of The Most Insane Reactions To The Taylor Swift And Kanye West Beef

If you haven’t yet heard, yesterday, during the Yeezy Season Three show, Kanye West premiered his new album, called The Life Of Pablo (for now at least). This might have been vaguely newsworthy in and of itself, but there was one song in particular, called “Famous,” that made quite the splash. In it, West proclaims, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex /I made that bitch famous.” The “Taylor” in this situation is, of course, Taylor Swift–who, you might recall, already had a fairly tumultuous relationship with West.

Look, guys, I don’t know. I don’t even know anymore. West says he asked for and received her approval on the lyric, and Swift is like, “Uh, I certainly did not.” Because of this, some people are coming to West’s defense,saying that it’s a “spectacular rebuttal against PC culture” (k) while those with ties to the infamous #SwiftSquad are publicly, dramatically cutting off all ties with him. (There’s also a distinct line of chatter coming from people who point out that, of all the decidedly problematic ish Kanye West has pulled–like, say, declaring that Bill Cosby is innocent, saying that Kim Kardashian is more influential than Michelle Obama, and generally being one hundred percent of an a-hole to Amber Rose–why is this the one thing that people choose to jump on him for? Which, fair.)

I suspect that we have not heard the last from either Taylor or Kanye on this front. While we wait to see how everything progresses on their end, let’s check out how, exactly, everyone else on the Internet has reacted thus far. As you might expect, everyone’s pretty worked up: 

1. Austin Swift–Taylor Swift’s brother–threw his Yeezys in the trash. So there’s that:


2. Others are like, “No, bb–Taylor made you famous:”


3. I mean:


4. And Taylor Swift made herself famous, thanks (well, her and the vast wealth she was born into, but that’s another thing altogether):


5. Also that, monetarily speaking, Taylor Swift has done okay without Kanye, thanks:


6. “This guy,” indeed:


7. And those that heard the lyric in the moment? Not super into it:


8. Which Gigi Hadid made sure to clarify after the fact, too:


9. “Calm down, Kanye.” Something tells me he’s heard that before:


10. No lies detected:


11. At the same time, where were all during…literally every other terrible thing Kanye West has done?


12. Once more for the people in the back:


13. And…no matter how you feel about Taylor Swift or Kanye West, this is not wrong:


14. In the end? They’ll probably both be fine:


What do you think of these reactions? Are there any that you think are totally absurd? Let us know in the comments!

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  • So in conclusion, Kanye was, is and probably will always be trash