40 Tumblr Posts About Donald Trump That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

As 2016 is an election year where we will vote for our new President of the United States, it’s time to talk about everyone’s least favorite topic: politics. Personally, I avoid discussing politics as much as I avoid getting within 50 feet of a spider, (which, if you know me, is a lot) so the last few months have been stressing me out. This election year is even more stressful than others, because honestly, all of the candidates are less than stellar – I’m honestly not impressed with any of them. But out of every potential candidate, Donald Trump is by far the worst.  In fact, just saying “Donald Trump” in the same sentence as “presidential candidates” make me cringe because, oh my God, I can’t believe he even got this far.

When Trump first announced that he wanted to run for president, I laughed and brushed it off, because I thought it was a joke that would never happen. Flash forward to now, February of 2016, and here we are: Donald Trump just might be in the running to be POTUS. Does this scare you? It should, because even as someone who is admittedly not into politics at all, I know he is, in no way, fit to be our president. The fact that so many Americans are supporting him legitimately scares me. It makes me nervous for our future and what our country is going to turn into.

It should come as no surprise that Tumblr is overwhelmingly anti-Donald-Trump-for-president, and this has resulted in a lot of hilarious posts and memes. Some of these will make you sad, because they reveal how truly terrible Donald Trump is. Others will make you laugh because laughing at him is better than feeling depressed about his existence. So, here are 40 Tumblr posts about Donald Trump that will you fill you with rage but also make you laugh:

1. When you hate Donald Trump so much that you can’t even appreciate a baby dressed as him:



2. Remember that time some Internet genius made a mosaic of Donald Trump out of pictures of penises? Let’s relive it together:



3. Because “asshole” and “Donald Trump” are basically synonymous.



4. It’s important to know that almost everything Donald Trump says is racist, sexist, homophobic, or untrue, and typically makes little to no sense at all:



5. Because this is easily one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life:



6. When you make the most of Donald Trump’s face:



7. You don’t have to like Bernie Sanders, but you should at least respect what he’s saying here:



8. When Donald Trump ruins your favorite snack:



9. Hey, remember that time Donald Trump tried do a Twitter Q&A and everyone used it as an opportunity to make fun of him? Let’s look at some of the best tweets:



10. Or, wait, remember that time he tried to act like he knows what it’s like to struggle despite the one million dollar loan he was given?



11. When Trump tries to act like he has supporters but they actually don’t care:



12. But at least he would keep aliens away, right? TBH, I’d prefer the aliens.



13. Comparing Trump to Hitler is funny until you realize how terrifyingly accurate it is.



14. If you love Bernie but hate Trump, this will speak to your soul:



15. There is literally no reason for this to exist besides the fact that we all like to make fun of Trump.



16. I don’t know why this exists but it’s probably better than what he was actually saying.



17. The hero we didn’t ask for, but the hero we needed.



18. Actual footage of Donald Trump writing a speech:



19. I don’t understand why… but… okay.



20. Because Trump is actual trash:



21. I mean, think about who you’re voting for, America.



22. We can only hope that this show was true.



23. Same.



24. Just in case you needed some legitimate reasons to vote for anyone but Donald Trump:



25. Accurate, TBH:



26. Hey, let’s look at the positive side of this for a second.



27. The mark of people who are against Trump:



28. What you’re looking at is a real conversation between besties Joe Biden and Barack Obama:



29. Where can I buy this sign?



30. Comparing Trump to Voldemort makes too much sense:



31. When the only good thing to come out of Trump is this gif:



32. You know what, I don’t even care who did this, I’m just happy they did it.



33. Me to everyone:



34. His rightful place is here, in the Burn Book:



35. When you don’t want to believe the truth because it’s too hard:



36. Thank you, whoever made this. Thank you.



37. A good way to describe him:



38. Me every day when I look at Facebook:



39. Find the lie.



40. And yeah, this about sums it all up:


Which of these Tumblr posts on Donald Trump is your favorite? What is your opinion of Trump? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Rhinelander Jackson

    Jesus christ the amount of misinformation that people spew is ridiculous. Immigrants do steal jobs, roughly 20-30 million. The money then doesnt get put back into the economy but exported back to mexico for their families to spend. Their income is never taxed because it is illegal for businesses to hire them so the government loses more money educating their children than it loses on american citizens. Just eliminating the illegal immigrants from our country would generate tax revenue from 30 million jobs, reduce the unemployment rate, and lower crime. Illegal immigrants get 38% of federal jail sentences. Imagine not having to house those criminals and the money that would be saved as a result. The wall literally pays for itself by ending illegal immigration in about two years….

    • BiteMe

      One problem with you’re entire rant, Illegal immigrants are not stealing our jobs. Businesses are giving our jobs away to people they know they can pay less. These companies are taking advantage of illegals by not paying them a fair wage. They are also cheating the system and other businesses by not paying taxes and insurance on these under the table employees. I get what your saying but your anger is directed at the wrong people. When a business is caught hiring illegal’s they get a slap on the wrist. If you’re really angry about illegals being here tell congress to do its job and make laws more strict and actually enforce those laws equally across the board. When businesses are held accountable they will stop hiring illegals and we will get our jobs back.

  • Ash Rose

    Number 32 had me in hysterics. I REALLY want Carrie Fisher to strangle Donald Trump to death lol.