15 Awkward Things That Happen When You Hit Puberty Early

Going through puberty is weird and awkward no matter when it happens, but let’s be real: hitting puberty early, way before you’re ready for it, can be the weirdest. It might seem cool to get there before any of your friends, but when it’s happening to you, it’s actually terrifying. You feel alone and confused as you go throughearly puberty, scrambling to figure things out even though it feels like no one can help you. Your friends say they’re jealous of your periods and bras, but they literally don’t know what they’re asking for. Sure, some perks are great (cleavage! Carrying around tampons like an adult!), but there is a plethora of awkwardness that is so hard to deal with.

There is nothing dangerous about hitting puberty early – it’s either genetic or due to a host of other factors that are perfectly natural. It’s just that being physically developed before you’re psychologically developed is a difficult thing to balance. Your body wants to be a grown up doing grown up things, but your mind is far behind. Talking to boys seems appealing yet scary, you still need your mom, and wait… now you have hair down there?! Being the first one of your friend group to “become a woman” is weird AF and can feel so isolating. Luckily, you’re not alone – there a lot of us other early bloomers hanging out here who know what you’re dealing with. Here are 15 awkward things that happen when you hit puberty before everyone else.1) You look way older than your crush.

Guys maturing later on than girls is one thing to deal with, but it certainly doesn’t help that you now look like his babysitter.


2) You feel like a giant.

Your growth spurts happened faster than everyone else’s. This also may mean that you’ll stop before everyone else or you could just be a tall girl – and there’s nothing wrong with that.


3) You’re low-key not mad that people think you’re older than you are.

Hello, Rated-R movies. Nice, to see you. No, don’t check my ID, I’m a grown ass high school senior.


4) You got your period before anyone thought to explain periods to you.

Tbh, in that case, thank god you read Gurl. Your parents weren’t prepared, school didn’t get to that part of the health curriculum, and you had no idea what this pain was in your belly until you saw blood in your underwear.


5) None of your friends have a pad or tampon to help you out.

When you’re an adult, you may feel okay asking a complete stranger in a public bathroom if they have a spare tampon and you will feel a shared sisterhood and it’ll all be great. Until then, asking a friend in the bathroom at school feels weird because the answer will mostly be no, immediately followed by “YOU GOT YOUR PERIOD?!?!” Ugh. Just, help me, I’m bleeding.


6) You always have half a drug store aisle of period supplies in your backpack, just in case.

Your irregular af period likes to sneak attack you and none of your friends have their periods, so you do what you can, even if it makes your backpack make rustling sounds when you walk.


7) You dread pool parties because your irregular period may sabotage your fun and tampons scare you.

You get that invitation then count backwards on a calendar to see if it’s coming and thusly, how you need to RSVP.


8) All your friends ask you “what’s it like” questions.

Never mind the fact that going it alone sucks, you are now the guru/ambassador for all things puberty related. You have no idea how to describe these feelings or body problems, but you’re trying and you want to help your friends. You just wish that wasn’t all they talked about.


9) You can’t share clothes with your friends.

Thank you, spontaneous, lumpy weight gain for sizing me out of all my favorite clothes.


10) You need to figure out which tops work with which bra.

I was forever jealous of girls who could wear halter tops and didn’t need a bra. It’s a never ending experiment of trying the right shirt/bra combo until you get it right.


11) Gym class now sucks for a whole new set of reasons.

Aka your boobs hurt when you run. Ouch.


12) You have to beg and plead to get your parents to let you shave.

Everyone else’s parents are going to let them shave based on how old they are (because it probably coincides with when they’re going through puberty). This is definitely not the case for you, your legs, or your armpits.


13) So sick of relatives poking your body and touching you.

Literally, when is it ever appropriate to just grab someone’s boobs? Can you stop, weird aunt?


14) You wonder if your awkward phase is over sooner? Or it just lasts longer?

It’s a toss-up. Sorry to disappoint!


15) You have been welcomed into the unholy hell of being catcalled.

This sucks so hard I can’t even make a joke about it. I’m sorry this happens to twelve year olds and you now need to have a defensive strategy for walking around your neighborhood.

Did you hit puberty early? Are you dealing with it right now? Let me know in the comments.

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7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body During Puberty

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