15 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Life

Social media makes it seem like every girl out there has solid #SquadGoals going on, but in reality, most of us have only two or three close friends (but thousands of Facebook friends – more like Facebook acquaintances, amiright?). There’s nothing wrong with keeping your circle small, but it is good to have a wide variety of friends who each offer different things. Together, you form a community – a group of people helping each other out for the greater good. If you have an awesome group of friends, you’re the envy of many.

The older I get, the more I’ve started to appreciate all the different kinds of friends that I have. They’ve all been there for me at different times due to their varied skills, emotional maturity, and talents. Now that I don’t live at home, my friends are my family – every time we help each other out, our bond gets deeper. Like a team of superheroes, everyone has their own special skill. I would never go to my friend Sean with problems I’m having in my romantic life, but he’s always the one I call when I want to do something fun. Conversely, Ellen is the person I can call every time I need some encouragement about my chosen career. I LOVE ALL THEM.

You attract the people you need in your life. Here are the types of friends every girl needs to have:

1. The Good Listener


This friend is key. Listening is a tough skill to hone, and you need someone who you can pour your heart out to. This person will listen without trying to solve the problem or judging you (easier said than done). If you don’t have a friend who’s a good listener, you might end up feeling alone.


2. The Problem Solver


This friend is always around to get you out of tough situations. You know if you’re in trouble, you can call this person and they’ll help you out immediately. Locked out of your house? Made out with the wrong guy? Peed your pants at school? No problem- this friend has got your back. Just call them “The Fixer.”


3. The Up-For-Anything Friend


You need a friend who will go with you on crazy adventures and who’s down to do things at the last minute. When everyone else bails, you know this friend will come and be your plus one.


4. The One With The Hookups


Having a friend who is socially connected comes in handy on many occasions. They’re always asking you to tag along to the coolest places.


5. The Confident Friend


You need a confident friend because it will rub off on you. If you’re around someone who conducts their life in a way that says, “I’M HERE EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME,” you’ll start to act like that, too.


6. The Stable Friend


This friend is drama-free and doesn’t take you on huge emotional roller coasters. You can have a normal, fun friendship with this person without them needing too much from you. You’ll hang out with this friend and feel energized, not drained. Refreshing!


7. The Pretty Friend


Don’t get me wrong: you’re pretty. However, it’s always great to have a pretty friend, too. That way, you can get the run-off of all the perks that a pretty person gets day-to-day (that’s just the way the world works.) I have one drop-dead gorgeous friend, and whenever I go out with her, we get tons of free stuff. IT’S AMAZING AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Don’t be the girl who only hangs out with girls who aren’t as good looking as her.


8. The Funny Friend


This person has you in stitches every time you’re around them. They can cheer you up with one joke. This friend is a MUST HAVE.


9. The Loyal Friend


This friend will always stand up for you if someone is talking behind your back. You can trust that they’ll come to you with any gossip about you so that you’re not unaware of what’s going on. There’s no way on earth this person would date your ex.  A loyal friend is worth a lot in today’s dog-eat-dog world.


10. The One You’re Yourself Around


It’s important to find a friend with whom you can be yourself. You could literally do anything, and they’d still love you just the same.


11. The Older, Wiser Friend

older friend

Having friends your own age is obviously great, but there’s definitely something to be said for an older friend. This person has been through what you’re going through, and so they have real, first-person advice on the situations. They can offer a different, more refreshing perspective on your problems, and they can also introduce you to new things you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.


12. The Practical Friend


This friend will keep you grounded and steer you into making good decisions. If the whole group is about to do something stupid, this friend is there to remind everyone what the repercussions might be. Though they might not be the most fun friend that you have, you know they’re probably right most of the time.


13. The Tough Love Friend


This person will not enable you or pump you full of false confidence. They are going to tell it like it is, and you appreciate them for it.


14. The Silly Friend


The two of you act like complete weirdos together, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, you speak in a language only you understand, but it’s a connection that will be tough to sever.


15. The Friend Who’s Good At Clothes And Makeup


Having a friend who is super girly comes in handy on so many occasions. You have a go-to person for wardrobe advice, they’ll always tell you if you’re makeup isn’t on point, and they might even let you borrow their clothes.


Do you have these types of friends in your life? Which one are you? Let me know in the comments below!

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