11 Gross Makeup Things All Girls Do But Don’t Want To Admit

I love makeup, but here’s the thing–I don’t think that it feels the same way about me. See, I wear a lot of it, and I definitely spend a lot of money on it, too, but, for whatever reason, it never really looks quite the way that it should on me. My eyeliner is often decidedly wonky, lopsided, and overall just “off,” while other times, my face appears to have absorbed all of my makeup in the time between its application and my arrival to work, giving me a bare-faced look that, while fine and all, I definitely wasn’t going for–meaning that both the time and money spent on the product had been, in effect, wasted.

There could be a number of reasons why my look never really works out for me, like the fact that I’m big proponent of “interpreting” rather than “following” many  beauty vlogger’s painstaking instructions. The most likely culprit, however, is probably the objectively gross habits I have when it comes to makeup.

Surely, you can relate–who hasn’t held onto a tube of mascara for longer than you should, or gone, say, years without cleaning out your makeup brushes? Check out these gross habits that a lot of people have in regards to makeup.  Chances are, you’ve done at least one thing on this list–if not, um, all of them. Hey, no judgment here:

1. Not throwing out makeup when you’re supposed to.


You’re supposed to get new mascara and eyeliner every three months. If you do this, I’m very proud of you, but it’s more likely that you hold onto it for, uh, much longer. ( Don’t @ me, but I’m pushing a year with this one mascara I have.)


2. Using concealer applications right on pimple.


You’re supposed to, like, get a separate brush and put it on with that–but does anyone do that? Anyone? Bueller?


3. Using store testers with wild abandon.


Even if you use the sample applicators, those testers at Sephora are a veritable germ-infested bonanza–still, if you want to try that lipstick, you’re gonna try that lipstick. No matter the cost.


4. Tasting your lip gloss.


It wouldn’t be flavored if it wasn’t made to be tasted.


5. Not cleaning your brushes, ever.


“I’ll clean them next week,” you said to yourself, as you had every week for the past two years. “I promise.”


6. Using your finger as a post-mascara blotter.


Got a clumpy lash? Just use your fingertip to fix it. No one will know, unless you accidentally  touch your face or your clothes or anything else before you wash your hands.


7. Sharing makeup.


Exchanging makeup is the best way to have fun  at a sleepover, yes, but it’s also is also the best way to get pink  eye.


8. Sleeping in your makeup.


You know you’re supposed to wash your face–and you have every intention of doing so–but sometimes it just…doesn’t happen.


9. Reusing yesterday’s eyeliner.


You know that thing you do when you wash your face without removing your eyeliner beforehand, leaving some smudges the next day that you refer to as a “smoky eye?” I’m onto you. (It’s okay–I do it too. All adventerous women do.)


10. Going double-duty with products.


No one said that this lipstick can’t also be a blush.


11. Storing makeup in, um, unsavory places.


Store your makeup in the bathroom? Same. This is not actually the best idea, however–your makeup cabinet can be a Petri dish of bacteria, which is great for germs who are trying to thrive, but not so great for your Bare Minerals collection.


Do you ever do any of these things? What did I forget? Let us know in the comments!

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