7 Things To Do On Your First Valentine’s Day With Bae

Last year I celebrated my first real Valentine’s Day with an actual human being I wanted to do sexy stuff with as opposed to friends or a Netflix queue. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the holiday solo with a box of chocolates, or just ignoring the holiday entirely. But I’m not going to lie, there’s something special about being able to enjoy the holiday with somebody you’re dating. It’s nauseatingly cheesy, but in a good way, if that makes sense. I’m going to pretend it does.

But your Valentine’s Day can go south really quickly if you don’t approach it with some sense and a heavy dose of chill. From forgoing making actual plans to approaching the holiday with ridiculously high expectations, there are some things you need to know before embarking on your V-Day adventure. Here are seven tips that will make your first Valentine’s Day with bae fun instead of frustrating.

Make Sure You Guys Are Actually, You Know, Celebrating Valentine's Day

This might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, right? But you'll be surprised by how many couples end up blindsided or disappointed just based on the assumption that they had no plans or that they would obviously have plans. TALK, PEOPLE! For example, if you're not saying anything about V-Day plans, your partner might assume you don't want to celebrate it; so you can't blame them for not surprising you with chocolates or roses. If you want to do something for V-Day, let bae know.

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Don't Get Too Carried Away With A Gift

Don't let jewelry commercials on TV or OTT displays of Valentine's Day affection give you an exaggerated expectation of what you should give (or receive). Hell, many couples don't even do gifts beyond chocolate or cute cards and let the date be a gift to each other; that's great, too (and, better yet, it's free). If this is your first Valentine's Day with bae and want to give them a gift, keep it small. Don't feel pressure to blow any big bucks; likewise, don't expect a diamond bracelet.


Think About Your Date Idea Ahead Of Time

I'm calling myself out here, honestly, because my boyfriend and I are still in "What do you want to do? IDK, what do you want to do?" mode, and if we don't get it together soon, we're going to spend Valentine's Day being more stressed about plans instead of actually having fun.

Fun date ideas: Going to a museum, checking out a record store, going on a food tour, seeing a small gig nearby, or making a day trip somewhere. Bonus points if you go somewhere with a photobooth. Get those corny pics Insta ready.

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Dress For Your Plans, Not Just To Impress

This is another reason why y'all need to solidify your plans sooner rather than later. If you have your mind set on looking dressed to kill in a cute dress and heels, but your BF/GF/whatever decides to surprise you with a plan to go hiking...you're going to feel a little bummed out, right? Wear your favorite mini or those pants that make your butt look amazing if your plans call for it. Otherwise, it's cool to keep it casual, too,

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Have A Backup Plan If You're Going To Dinner

Planning on getting dinner at some point? Please, have a backup plan. Why? Because restaurants are going to be absolutely packed with couples! So have a few restaurants in mind, or just avoid the crowds all together and cook together instead.


Make The Day About You Two...Seriously

You might think this is another obvious one, but listen: Last Valentine's Day, after spending a great day with my boyfriend, a friend of mine invited me (okay, us) to a concert later that night. My boyfriend reluctantly came along, and it was fun, but in retrospect I wish that I declined. I'm not saying that you can't hang out with other people, but spending some time with each other exclusively definitely has its perks and makes the day feel a little more special.


Don't Get Too Extra

I mean, get extra if you want, I guess. Maybe you'll surprise bae with a candlelit room and a seductive outfit...but the state of your relationship shouldn't ride on how amazing your V-Day is. If you put too much weight on it, you're going to have a stressful time. So please, do yourself a favor and don't rely on V-Day as the day you and bae have to have sex for the first time, or the day that bae has to give you an amazing gift or else they don't care about you. And, likewise, don't feel as if you are required to do anything you don't feel comfortable with either; if you can't afford an expensive gift, don't stress. After all, this is just another day when all is said and done. Relax!


Have you ever spent a Valentine’s Day with a partner? What are your plans if you’re single? Tell us in the comments!

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