18 Things You Have To Stop Making Fun Of People For (Because You Probably Do Them Too)

Let’s be real: there are very few people in this world who never make fun of anyone. Being judgmental and catty isn’t a good look, but we all have our moments where we talk about others or bring someone down for no particular reason at all. It’s not right and it’s petty AF, but it’s part of human nature. And while I can get behind some good old-fashioned venting once in a while, I can’t really stand it when someone makes fun of another person for something they definitely do too.

What do I mean? Here’s an example: it’s become sort of a trend to make fun of people for caring about how they look or come off on social media. People say things like, “LOL she’s so thirsty for likes on Instagram, it’s pathetic” or “She’s so annoying when she tries to make her life look better than it is online.” But let’s be honest for a second – the majority of us do care how we come off on social media. We care about what others think of us when they look at our profiles, and we want to seem a certain way to strangers or friends. Why are we making fun of other people for doing something we’re doing secretly?!

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The obvious answer to that is usually insecurity. When we feel silly or insecure about something we’re doing, we project those feelings by making fun of someone else for doing them. It’s backwards and twisted, but it happens – and it’s the worst. I just think we need to unapologetically own who we are and stop making fun of other people for doing something we don’t want anyone to find out we do too. I post a lot of pictures on Instagram and I love trying to create my ~*~aesthetic~*~ on my profile. My friends make fun of me all the time for this stuff, but I honestly don’t care. That’s because, one, they do it too, just in different ways; and two, I like to do it so I don’t care what they think. Let’s all back off each other!

With that being said, here are 18 things you need to stop making fun of other people for… because at the end of the day, I guarantee you all have done almost every single one of these things at least once in your life. Don’t be a hypocrite – it’s not cute.


1. Responding to a text too quickly.

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We all do that that thing where we get a text and then force ourselves to wait five minutes before we respond so we look like we have a life. But we also all have those moments where we respond right away because eff it, who cares? Plus, we all know that our phones are in our hands 24/7. What is even the point of this anymore?!


2. Liking a really old picture on Instagram.


Try to tell me you’ve never been 194 weeks deep into someone’s Instagram and I will laugh at you. I once saw a friend post a status calling someone pathetic for liking one of her really old pictures. I wanted to comment on it saying, “omg, puhh-lease.”  Don’t make fun of the person who slipped up when you know you do the same exact thing.


3. Going a little bit crazy and flipping out on a crush/hookup/significant other.

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Most of us try to be level-headed and calm, especially in the crazy world of dating. But we all have our moments where we get a little too angry or upset and we act, uh, a little bit cray-cray. We have all been there, and it sucks. So can we please stop acting like every girl who does something a little dramatic is a crazy bitch?


4. Getting a little too jealous when it comes to their significant other. 

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Jealousy is a normal human emotion that happens to even the most confident girls. When someone is obviously jealous, they already feel crappy. They don’t need anyone else’s taunting on top of it. The only way you can make fun of someone for being too jealous is if you’ve never felt that way.


5. Taking a lot of selfies.

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I am so over the selfie hate. Why do you care if someone takes a lot of selfies? Why does it bother so many people when someone likes how they look and wants to document the moment? Do you and let other people do what they want too. Stop being so judgmental!


6. Trying to come up with good Instagram captions or pictures.

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This goes under the general umbrella of making fun of someone for caring how they look on social media. If you have a social media page, you in some way care what people think about it. So stop making fun of others just because they might do things a little differently than you.


7. Being sad about being single.


I once heard a few girls making fun of their friend behind her back because she was depressed about being single. It sounded so mean and awful. Being single can be really tough for people sometimes – why would you make fun of them for those very real emotions? Plus, try and tell me you’ve never felt depressed about being super lonely. Try.


8. Period stains.


I know all about the dreaded period stain – we don’t want one because god forbid everyone know we have our period! I’ve heard people say such rude things about period stains. Listen, these are something we don’t have 100 percent control over. Don’t be that person making a girl feel bad about something she’s already embarrassed about when it could just as easily happen to you.


9. Being a little clingy with bae.

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Clinginess isn’t the best quality to have, but it usually speaks to deeper issues. The next time you’re about to roll your eyes at your friend for being a little too into her bae, ask yourself honestly if you’ve done the same. You probably have – or would, given the chance.


10. Doing something embarrassing at a party when drinking.


Almost everyone on this planet has a super embarrassing party story. Yeah, it’s fun to joke about them, but don’t turn around and viciously tear someone apart for it. People make mistakes! Unless you’re perfect, chill.


11. Having a big pimple.


I hate hearing someone make fun of someone else for having acne. It’s something a lot of people have very little control over and it sucks to hear that others use that to bring someone down. Also, we ALL get pimples. You will have your day where you have one in the worst spot at the worst moment. You wouldn’t want people making fun of you then, right?


12. Smelling weird one day.


I mean, come on guys. This is just rude.


13. Getting caught stalking their ex online.


Stalking your ex is an unfortunate side effect of social media and has happened to the best of us. The next time you see someone doing it, refrain from calling them a pathetic loser, because I know you’ve been in the same situation, or you will be in the future.


14. Texting too many times in a row.

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Okay, so over texting can be really annoying. But sometimes it’s necessary, and doesn’t need to be something to torture someone over.


15. Subtweeting.

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Yes, subtweeting is immature and a poor way to handle a social issue. But I know you’ve done it at least once. You have! So just let it go.


16. Telling a stupid lie for no real reason.


Every once in a while we all tell a story where we get a little dramatic and exaggerate something that happened. If you catch someone doing this once in a while, don’t make fun of them.


17. Obsessing over a crush.

get a life

Um, hi. Part of having a crush is obsessing over them. Please stop acting like someone is pathetic for doing just that.


18. Making a simple grammatical error.

so dumb

I don’t like grammatical errors either, but they happen. There’s no reason to make a status about how everyone who doesn’t know grammar is stupid or to leave a condescending comment correcting them. We’ve all been there.


Which of these things do you make fun of others for? What do you disagree with? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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