7 Makeup Rules All Black Girls Should Totally Ignore

To be honest, I don’t really get the point of makeup rules. Most of them are just ridiculous and they only seem to limit people’s creative freedom, or rather, how they want to express themselves. So for example, one popular rule is that you can’t have bold eyes and bold lips at the same time, because apparently it’s too overwhelming. But you know what? If I had a dime for every time I’ve seen someone successfully pull off that look, I’d be filthy rich right now. (Okay fine, maybe not filthy rich, but you get the idea).

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Whenever I see these beauty rules, I feel like they never take into account that certain makeup trends can look amazing on people with different facial features and skin tones – especially darker skin. And considering the fact that dark skinned girls already struggle to find the perfect makeup for their skin tone, the last thing that they need is a bunch of rules telling them what beauty trends they can never pull off.

If you’re a black girl who feels overwhelmed by all the makeup do’s and dont’s, then you need to take a look at these makeup rules all black girls shouldn’t have to follow.

Too Many Bright Colors Will Make You Look Like A Clown

Here’s a fun fact: The darker your skin is, the more likely you are to pull off ridiculously bright colors, like blue, pink, orange, and even yellow. You might think it's overwhelming to pair neon-colored eye shadow with highly pigmented lipstick, but actually, bolder colors always tend to complement darker skin really well. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

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Avoid Nudes Like The Plague

Breaking this rule can be quite tricky, considering the fact that most nudes are closer to pale complexions. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for people with darker skin to pull off nude colored lipsticks. The key is to look for shades that have a more rosy tint, because otherwise, your lips will end up looking extremely chapped (and that’s not a good look).

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Your Smoky Eyes Should Always Be Dark

The smoky eye is usually done in darker hues, like black and dark gray, but if you have darker skin, you can definitely pull off colors like green, blue, and purple. Highly pigmented colors are actually easier to use because you don’t have to apply as many coats to make the color noticeable against your deep skin tone. And plus, the pop of color will make your eyes stand out.

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You Don’t Need Bronzer

Regardless of your skin tone, bronzers can actually give darker skin a beautiful and natural glow. It can be pretty hard to do it the right way, but when it comes to getting that natural glow, it all comes down to the technique when you’re applying it. Go for a color that’s just one shade darker than your complexion, and when you apply, make sure to use a large brush and gently sweep.

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Using Blush Will Make Your Cheeks Look Unnatural

No, blushes are not just for pale skin. You can actually pull off a naturally flushed look by going for shades that are highly pigmented and don’t require as much application. So for example, some of the best colors to try are brick red and deep rose, because they’re easily noticeable against darker skin. However, don’t use shades that are too light, because it’ll give you a washed out look.

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Don’t Use Pastel Colors

Unlike what most people may think, pastel colors can look really flattering on darker skin tones - but only if they’re done the right way. I mean, when it comes to picking a color, you should definitely consider your undertones. So for example, if have warm undertones, you should go with pastel purples and blues.

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You Don’t Need Sunscreen

One of the biggest benefits of having dark skin is getting extra protection from the sun (due to melanin). However, unlike what many African Americans tend to believe, this doesn’t mean that dark skin is invincible. The reality is, no matter how dark you are, sun damage can still occur when you’re in the sun for too long. So yes, you actually do need sunscreen!

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Which of these shocked you to most? Are there any other makeup rules that you don’t follow? Tell us in the comments below!

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