8 Easy Tips On How To Have The Best Quickie Ever

Having quickies with your partner is so much fun. It’s fast-paced, it’s spontaneous, and it’s super thrilling. In fact, I’d say that quickies are way better than your typical hookup, because you’re basically having more passionate sex in a shorter amount of time. That’s a major plus in my book!

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On the surface, quickies seem pretty easy (or at least, that’s what romance films teach us). But actually, there’s more to a quickie than just pulling your partner into the nearest closet and going at it like rabbits. You actually have to consider the mood, the location, and of course, what kind of clothes you’re wearing. Even the tiniest mistake, like picking the wrong place or wearing outfits that are really hard to get off, could make any quickie go from steamy and passionate to just awkward.

So if you want to know how to make the most out of a quickie, check out these eight easy tips for how to make your quickies mind-blowing.

Arouse Your Partner With Some Dirty Talk

Since there isn't much time for foreplay, consider talking dirty. Just whisper the things you want to do to them in their ear, and don't spare the details. This will definitely make them feel wanted and get them in the mood much quicker.

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Wear Clothes That Are Easy To Pull Off

Complicated outfits that require a ton of work to take them off is a big no no, because fiddling with buttons and zippers will take away from the time you could be using to have sex. Time is of the essence, so make sure you're wearing something that can easily be pulled open or taken off in seconds.

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Skip The Long Foreplay

Again, the purpose of a quickie is to actually be quick, so there isn't really any time for foreplay. Instead, before you get into it, try taking a minute or two to just kiss them and get handsy. The intensity will build from there.

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Don't Get Completely Naked

You might be tempted to tear off all your clothes for a quickie, but that's not the best idea. Keeping most of your clothes on will actually save you a ton of time, so consider going for flare-out dresses or skirts that are easy to lift. You won't even need to take them off.

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Avoid Positions That Are Really Complicated

When you're scrambling with your partner for a five-minute quickie, your main goal is to have fun. This isn't the time to test out that crazy new move that you read about in the latest issue of Cosmo. Save that stuff for the bedroom.

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Mix It Up With Some Oral

Quickies don't always have to be vaginal or anal. You can mix it up by giving your partner oral or having them go down on you. And plus, you're more likely to get an orgasm because of easier access to the clitoris.

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Change Up The Scenery

Believe it or not, the best quickie can happen practically anywhere. In fact, the more random and outlandish the location, the more thrilling and exciting the sex will be. So go for places where you'd least expect to hook up, and make sure that it's somewhere that's private.

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Feel Free To Fantasize During The Act

If you want to get even more aroused, just imagine that you and your partner are making love in the middle of a battlefield, on an island, or in any other place that's really exotic to you. It'll make your quickie go from dull to magical in seconds.

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Do you agree with these tips? Do you plan to try them with your partner? Tell us in the comments below!

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