10 Lies You Actually Should Tell To Your Best Friend

Everyone with a best friend knows that imagining life without a bestie is terrifying AF. What would you do without your partner in crime? Your ride or die? The peanut butter to your jelly? Your life without them would have a lot less joy, less laughter, fewer chick flick binges, late-night fast food runs, sleepovers, and inside jokes. You would so anything for your bestie right? Sometimes, “everything” even includes lying to them… and whether those lies are necessary or not remains to be determined.

There are some things you should absolutely never lie to your best friend about. For example, I know you don’t want to be the person to tell your bestie that their BF sucks, but if their BF is abusing them, then you have to say it. But just like there are lies that need to be avoided in order to be a true friend, there are also lies that need to be told. Yes, I’m saying that there are some lies you should be telling your best friend. The world isn’t black and white, and sometimes a small lie is worth it to save someone’s feelings. Why start a fight with your BFF if you could avoid it? Here are 10 lies you actually should tell your best friend:

1. “Of course I think your boyfriend is cute.”

awkward thumbs up

Okay, so your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t very attractive to you. That’s fine, and of course you don’t have to find them attractive, but you also don’t have to tell your BFF that. People get very defensive of their S.O.’s, so telling your bestie you think their bae is ugly is… not a good idea.


2. “Your family is so nice.” 

parents suck

We have all had to deal with an annoying family that isn’t ours. It stinks. Maybe your bestie has parents who are very weird and smell a little. Maybe their sister drives you absolutely insane. Maybe your think their brother is the worst. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t tell your friend you don’t like their family. Everyone knows that no matter how much someone complains about their family, the only family you’re allowed to complain about is your own.


3. “Yeah, those new earrings are so cute!”  

love your bracelet

You and your best friend don’t have to have the same sense of style. If something they’re wearing actually looks unflattering, that’s a judgment call on how your relationship functions, but if you’re just not a big fan of those hoops, just let them enjoy their fashion choices.


4. “No, I don’t mind if so-and-so comes to hang out with us.” 

movie night

Okay, so you should never be a total pushover and agree to just do anything your friends want to do. But you also should be open sometimes to doing the things that aren’t exactly your first choice. So if your bestie sometimes asks if their other friend or their sister you don’t really like can come along with you guys, you can sometimes say you don’t mind… to be a good sport.


5. “Don’t worry, your haircut will grow out quickly!” 


They know it’s bad. Pointing out how slowly their hair grows won’t help, but reminding them that hair does indeed grow back might. Even better, help them come up with hair styles and accessories to hide the damage.


6. “I don’t mind if you pay me back later.” 

paying back

Yes, it’s annoying to let someone borrow money and then have them ask if they can pay you back later on. But if it’s not a huge issue and it’s only a few dollars, give them a little time before getting all Italian mobster on them.


7. “My mom said I can’t go out tonight, sorry!” 

mean girls sick

Sometimes you’re just not feeling up for whatever plans your partner in crime has been hatching up. This is one of the times a little white lie is definitely worth it to save someone’s feelings – blame it on your parents! It’s important to know how to say “I just don’t feel like going out” instead of always using excuses, but sometimes a lie is needed/


8. “What are you talking about, your new selfie is great!” 

instagram filters

Maybe you’re not feeling the selfie your bestie just posted and they ask what you think. Don’t say they look bad! Compliments are nice.


9. “No one will notice that pimple.” 

zits whole life

Everyone gets pimples, and everyone is self conscious about them. Yeah, her zit is huge and noticeable, but why make her feel bad about something she has so little control over?


10. “No, I don’t think you need to lose weight.” 

cheese fries

Body image is so personal, private, and kind of terrifying. If your friend says she thinks she needs to lose a few pounds and you honestly agree, you still should never tell her she has to. That kind of language is so damaging. Ultimately, she should decide to lose weight for herself, not to please others.

Which of these lies have you told a friend? What do you disagree on? What did we forget? Let us know in the comments.


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