5 Important Pieces Of Fashion And Beauty Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

A few days ago, I was really excited to go to the launch of Hello Kitty by O.P.I. There was a cute Hello Kitty Truck parked at the corner of the sidewalk, and people were serving free hot chocolate, free cookies, and free nail polish. I even got to see Hello Kitty herself! But you know what? None of that topped my meeting with the amazing and talented Peyton List, who was also a part of the launch event.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Peyton, she played Emma Ross on Disney Channel’s Jessie and currently plays the same role in the show’s spin-off, Bunk’d. She also has two awesome new films coming out this year. There’s The Thinning, which is a dystopian thriller starring Ryan Newman and Logan Paul, and The Outskirts, a teen comedy starring Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, and Ashley Rickards. During our interview, we chatted a bit about her upcoming roles and I learned quite a lot, like how she really enjoyed working with the cast of Outskirts and how she ended up getting a different role from the one she originally auditioned for. She said: “I play a mean girl actually, which is really fun and different for me. When I first went out for it I went for a character who was really sweet, and they ended up going in a different direction and I was really bummed. And then the director came back to me and was like ‘I really do like you though, let’s look at you for a different role,’ so I ended up going up with Mackenzie.” Pretty cool, right?

But while I did have fun talking about her new movies, I was pretty stoked to hear her talk about beauty and fashion. I’m actually a huge fan of her unique style and her makeup is always on point, so naturally, I was curious to know more about her favorite fashion spots and beauty tips! Check out these five awesome pieces of fashion and beauty advice from one of your favorite actresses, Peyton List:

1. Doing ombre colors and using a bit of eye shadow on your lips can make them look bigger.


Peyton said: “I did like a little bit of ombre, so in the middle it’s a little bit of a lighter color, and my lips look so much bigger than usual! I was surprised. And she [the stylist] put this little shimmery eye shadow on the bow of my lips. That’s a trick I didn’t know, I learned that today. That’s how you make your lips look bigger.”


2. You can get your fashion inspiration from anywhere.


During our interview, I told Peyton that I absolutely loved her outfit (she was wearing a cute red, white and black turtleneck with a black mini skirt and boots), so of course, I just had to ask her where she gets her inspiration. She said: “I’m always looking on Tumblr and things from Instagram, and I create my own little boards on Pinterest, so I’m always getting inspiration.”


3. Vintage and thrift shops are actually some of the best places to go for stylish new outfits.


When I asked her about her favorite places to shop, she said: “I love vintage shopping and finding stores from when I travel, because I travel a lot, and finding stores that nobody else knows. I love Topshop, and usually just vintage and thrift stores. An then also my friends, I steal from them!”


4. When it comes to fashion, find the quality you love most about your body and accentuate it.


When I asked Peyton to give one important piece of fashion advice that every girl should know, she told me: “Find whatever works for your body and find those pieces. I used to think that I had to change up my style all the time. . . but if you find those things that really work for your body type, then I’d say stick with that and look for those pieces, and that’s what I’m finally learning. Like, I’m used to jeans that flare out at the end, and I know I have long legs, so find something that you love about you and always accentuate that.”


5. Lip gloss and concealer are must-haves on the go.


When I asked Peyton what beauty items she can never leave her house without, she said: “I really love my lip gloss! Just like, any sort of clear and shimmery lip gloss. And I like my Laura Mercier concealer, if I have those two things I’m good to go.”

Are you a fan of Peyton List? Which of these tips is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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