16 Prom Things You Should Actually Start Thinking About Now

It’s February, which means that it’s juuuust about time to start thinking about prom. This sounds like a non-sequitur, I know, but think about it: February is the shortest month, which means that even with this year’s leap day, it’ll be over before you know it. Then it’s March, which tends to feel like forever, but is usually eaten up by spring break and SAT tests. Then, it’s April. AKA prom season. Not to get all Kylie Jenner-faux-philosophizing on you (you know, in that I am literally just stating basic facts, but saying them in a way that  implies I think they are gravely impactful for not only my existence, but yours as well) but this literally blows my mind every single year. The point is, prom is closer than you think, so you should probably start thinking about it now. 

Obviously, prom shouldn’t be on your mind 24/7 over the next eight weeks or so you’ve got to go before prom actually hits, but starting to think about it now can make so that you aren’t super stressed out about it, say, a week before the bid day. Think of it like starting to study in advance vs. cramming for a big exam that you’ve got–like, you’ll clive if you frantically do everything last minute, and it’ll probably turn out fine, but it’ll be a lot more enjoyable to start planning it in advance. So, check out these prom-related things that you don’t have to start thinking about now, obviously, but certainly won’t hurt to be reminded of:

1. Your dress:


When I was in high school, in order to ensure that girls wouldn’t show up to prom in the same dress, someone made a Facebook group where people would post the dresses they were thinking of getting so other people couldn’t buy it. This didn’t really do anything–it was basically just a vehicle for cyberbullying, and people still wore the dresses they wanted anyway–but, just for that extra feeling of vindication, this ensures that you’ll actually be the person who’s able to lay claim to getting a certain dress first. Plus, deciding what you want to wear early will help you avoid any risk of wearing the same dress as someone else, since you can look at more off-the-beaten-trail places like Etsy, instead of the same generic mall stores that everyone else will be going to.


2. What you need to wear under your dress:


This is a big one–prom dresses are usually tight and/or gauzy, so they can be super revealing in terms of what’s underneath. Get your dress early so you can see what you need–like a strapless bra, nude thong, slip–and get what works for you.


3. Your date:


Got your eye on someone? Go for it and lay the seeds now that you really want them to ask you to prom. Or, you can go ahead and ask them yourself in a few weeks–either way, familiarize with someone who you’d like to be your date.


4. You alternate celebrity date:


If no one at your school is good enough for you, why not go with your celeb crush? Maybe if you tweet at Harry Styles every day until prom, he’ll fly out and go as your date. Hey, a girl can dream.


5. Your group:


Gotta get that prom squad it order–talk it out with your besties so you can figure out exactly who’s in your group.


6. Corralling parents to take your pictures:


If your friend’s dad is a wedding photographer, nail them down now–and, even if you don’t have any professional photographers in your midst, make sure that someone competent will be taking pics. Most parents will be more than happy to do it–parents might care more about photos on prom than kids–but you want to make sure it’s someone who will get your best angles, you know?


7. The ride situation:


Looking to ride to prom in a limo? A party bus? A helicopter? Whatever the case may be, lock it up now–car services get booked pretty fast, so otherwise, you’ll be riding in your date’s mom’s Subaru. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s what you want to do.)


8. The after-party:


As R. Kelly says in his seminal classic “Ignition (remix),” “Then after the show it’s the (after party)/And after the party its the (hotel lobby)/And round about 4 you gotta (clear the lobby)/Then head take it to the room and freak somebody.” Now, whether or not you want to “freak somebody,” it’s important to have after party plans in order. Perhaps you’ll have a party in a hotel, but more likely you’ll need to get in a parent’s good graces so they’ll let you have it in their basement.


9. Plumbing the depths of Pinterest for hair inspiration:


There are so many prom hair styles!


10. Ditto makeup and nails inspiration:




11. Actually trying out some hair, makeup, and nail styles:


Why spend a ton of money on hair, makeup, and manicures? If you start practicing now, chances are good that you’ll be able to do your entire look on the day of prom all by yourself.


12. Getting your teeth ready:


If you want your teeth to be ~gleaming~ for prom pictures, that can’t happen overnight–start a whitening strips regimen, or, if you want a more natural solution, you can use activated charcoal or coconut oil.


13. Prepping your skin:


If you’ve got problem skin, like me, getting your skin looking the way you want starts now. If you can see a dermatologist, do that–they can prescribe you something, but it’ll probably take at least a month to take effect. Otherwise, see if you can get a facial, do an at-home facial, or stop eating dairy and sugar to clear up your skin.


14. Getting your brows in order:


Eyebrows are so important! Grow them out for a few weeks so they gain their natural shape–then, if you want, you can get them shaped a week or two before prom.


15. Planning what you’ll need to get done, academically:


I had to take the SAT on the morning of my junior prom. This wasn’t fun, obviously, but I knew about it a few weeks in advance, so I made sure to get my dress and set all of the appointments I needed well in advance, so when I took the test, I wasn’t distracted by thoughts of prom. So, if there’s something you know you’ve got going on within the same timeframe as prom–a research paper, project, whatever–just make sure you’re prepared for that so you don’t have to deal with prom and academics at the same time.


16. Mentally preparing yourself for everything that won’t go according to plan:


Okay, so, I know this whole list was about getting everything absolutely in order–which, like, you definitely should do–but even the best-laid plans tend to go awry, especially when it comes to things like prom. So, just keep in mind that prom isn’t actually as big of a deal as it seems, so if/when things go wrong. you’ll be prepared for that.


Are you thinking about prom already? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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