WTF Are Rainbow Freckles? Everything You Need To Know About This Beauty Trend

When it comes to beauty trends, at least one thing is pretty clear–lately, everything’s been coming up rainbow. There’s rainbow hair. Checkerboard hairMulti-color correcting. And, now, there’s another rainbow-hued makeup look that’s trending amongst beauty bloggers. Meet what Seventeen has decided will now and forever be known as rainbow freckles.

I mean, why the heck not, right? The way I see it, there was basically nowhere else for rainbow to go, since it’s already pretty much been maxed out in terms of hair, nails, and clothes, and, thus, it alighted on freckles. The trend is basically a combination of a two old ones–DIY freckles first appeared in a few runway shows back in 2014 and, if you’ve been using context clues, you’ll know that rainbow’s pretty much been everywhere over the last year or so–but it feels fresh. It’s a cool way to bring a jolt of color to your face in an unexpected way (which is especially needed during the winter months, which can usually best be summed up as “dull,” and “bleak”) and, as a bonus, it’s pretty easy.

Even the most makeup-challenged among us (yours truly included) should be able to paint a few multicolored dots on your face, right? If you’re interested in this look, check out the different ways people are executing it and figure out how to implement rainbow freckles into your own routine:

Many people are attributing the start of this trend to the beauty blog Bat A Lash Beauty, which posted this picture a few weeks ago:

Since then, the look has blossomed on Instagram (as all good things, such as inflatable pool floats and vapidly inspirational quotes are wont to do):

A photo posted by Jenn Hudson (@jennhudsonmua) on

You could add it as a small burst of color to an otherwise neutral look:

A photo posted by DOM. (@dominiqueldr) on


Or just, like, completely ball out with all kinds of rainbow, all over your face:

A photo posted by Smella (@xxanemia) on


Or, why not do a mix of the two?

A photo posted by ChelsiieBee (@bunnii_fufu) on

Some people might try to tell you that this is a strictly a “festival” or “weekend” look…

A photo posted by Marlee (@marleexmakeup) on


But who’s to say you that you shouldn’t bust it out for a subtle, every day look?

Those peasants in math class won’t know what hit them:

A photo posted by Jolina O'Hair (@jolinaohair) on

Are you down with rainbow freckles? What’s your favorite rainbow look? Let us know in the comments!

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