24 Hilarious Reactions To Amber Rose’s #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch Tweet

Celebrity news has been a little boring lately, but all of that changed this week. Not only were we #blessed with the fact that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are most likely dating, but Amber Rose delivered one of the most important hashtags of our time: #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch.

In case you’ve been seeing this hashtag floating around the Internet and wondering WTF it means, let me explain, because it’s one of my new favorite things ever. Here’s a quick breakdown: Kanye West is working on a new album called Waves. On January 27, Wiz Khalifa sub-tweeted Kanye, basically making fun of him and the album name. Never one to stay silent during drama, Kanye fired back with a whole bunch of tweets (many have been deleted since) that kept everyone extremely entertained. Not only did he drag Wiz, he also had some snide, slut-shamey comments about both Kanye and Wiz’s ex, Amber Rose. As a bad-ass woman who always defends herself, Amber fired back with her own tweet:

Which is, clearly, pure gold. The Twitter fight died down after that, because how could it not? And the Internet obviously went crazy, because, I mean, how could we not? The feud between Kanye, Amber, Wiz, and Kim is real – if you’re not caught up with all of that drama, Buzzfeed has this very helpful post to explain it to – and we were all more than ready to jump on the hashtag. Thus came these hilariously witty and perfect reaction tweets to #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. It is now a national treasure and I literally love everything about this story.

After rounding up these reactions and laughing until I cried, I feel compelled to post this little disclaimer: I’m not making of any guy or girl who enjoys fingers in their butt (hey, ass play is a thing and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you’re into it), I just think these are funny. I mean, if you like it, you’re pretty trendy right now. Just saying. So sit back, enjoy these hilarious reactions to #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch, and laugh a lot. Thank you Amber Rose!


1. First, do yourself a favor and watch this man read Kanye’s tweets by a Shakespearean actor:


2. Some people imagined Kim’s reaction, which was likely something like this:

I mean, valid question.


3. Other people chose to endlessly torture Kim with a reminder of the tweet by commenting poop emojis on her Instagram pictures.

Ah, fans.


4. Some people sympathized with Kanye.


5. Some people imagined what Amber’s reaction was to her own tweet, and it was probably like this:

If there was ever a time to be smug, this is it.


6. This was basically everyone’s reaction:


7. Some people made this very important comparison:


8. A few people imagined Kanye’s reaction, and this seems very on-point.


9. This also works:


10. This is absolutely something I can see Kim Kardashian West doing.


11. We gained a newfound respect for Amber Rose:


12. And we felt just a tiny bit sorry for Kanye (but not really):


13. Some people felt happy that they finally could relate to Kanye.


14. Someone used this tweet in the most perfect way:


15. Some people used the popularity of the hashtag to do some good in the world.

Good use of hashtags TBH.


16. And some brands took advantage of it to push their own work:


17. Some people just couldn’t deal:


18. True, tbh.


19. This Kim face is perfect.


20. This picture seems weirdly accurate.


21. This is exactly what your face did. Don’t lie.


22. A real life picture of Amber after sending out her tweet.


23. Is this even more important than Hotline Bling?


24. All of us:

Which of these #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch reaction tweets were your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments!

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