20 Hilariously Weird Tag Yourself Memes You Need To See Now

Ever since I was very small, anytime I watch a movie or TV show, I am struck by a certain, uncontrollable urge to scream out, “That’s ME” whenever I see something that I vaguely relate to. I have since become the bane of all of my friends’ existence, but it simply cannot be helped, for I am Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls, just as I am the cat from Inside Llewyn Davis, and just as I am Adam Sandler in this legendary Vine

Perhaps this sounds like you, too. Many people suffer from the scourge of incessant relatability (Buzzfeed quizzes would not exist if this weren’t the case, certainly). If so, you’re going to be obsessed–or, in all likelihood, probably already are obsessed–with the “tag yourself” meme.

According to meme curation and etymology site Know Your Meme, “tag yourself” originated on 4Chan from a game that creates a list of options and scenarios and, in the vein of “Choose Your Own Adventure,” only allows the user to pick one.  The meme then found its way to Tumblr in a form in which people post a bunch of poorly-formed images accompanied by a series of increasingly self-deprecatory captions, and tells the user to pick the one that best describes them.

Like any good meme, it’s simple enough–all you need to do is look at the pictures and descriptions, select one that feels the most “you,” say, “that is me,” and, to prove that it is you, tag yourself in it. Truly, no one could ever argue with that. If you want to relate to, like, a bunch of things at once, check out these “tag yourself” memes. Just don’t forget to whisper “That’s me,” to every single one you see:

1. A lot of them just…don’t make sense.



2. They don’t need to, though. That’s the beauty in this meme.



3. All you need to do is pick the one that’s most “you.”



4. Some of them rely heavily on pop culture.



5. Like Hunger Games.



6. And Tay Sway.



7. And male Avengers.



8. And this, um, interesting interpretation of popular starlets of today.



9. Maybe you’re a bird?



10. Birds are quite popular, actually.



11. Even “Club Penguin” birds.



12. Cats are big, too.



13. And dogs (obviously).



14. Maybe, though, you’re just one of these flowers.



15. Or a whole planet. Dream big!



16. Or a dirt clod. A little less ambitious, sure, but who’s to say it isn’t you?


17. Who’s to say that you aren’t one of these frogs?



18. If you like those “signs as” horoscope posts, you’ll relate to this one.


What do you think of the tag yourself meme? Which one are you? Let us know in the comments!

19. The meme is on Twitter now, too, if you’re wondering.


20. I’m mid-life crisis. Which one are you?


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