The 22 Funniest Posts About Valentine’s Day That Just Get You

Valentine’s Day can trigger ~emotions~ in all of us. Whether it’s high expectations that could never be met, loneliness, or unbridled anger, February 14th is never a neutral day. To the one girl out there who has the perfect Valentine’s Day with the person of her dreams- congratulations. The rest of us have to come to terms with the commercial holiday society has forced down our throats. It’s the flower, candy, and card companies who really benefit from this day devoted to love. (The only upside? Lots and lots of chocolate.)

How can you deal with all the baggage that comes with this one date? Make up your own holiday! Galentine’s Day, for example, was created by Parks and Rec‘s Lesley Knope as a way to have quality ladies time on February 13th. You could make it into a “Treat Yo’Self” Day where you buy yourself somethings nice. Or you could throw a big party in defiance of the traditional Valentine’s activities. “See, Saint Valentine? You don’t have to have a romantic dinner for two to have fun on February 14th! HAHAHA.”

Another great way to process feelings is by laughing. (Hey- it’s better than crying!) Here are some of the funniest things that people have said about Valentine’s Day on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram:

1. This is the real meaning of Valentine’s Day.


2. Sometimes it feels like you’re literally only the single one.


3. You should know the hidden facts about Valentine’s Day:


4. This one reminds you of your real Valentine:


5. Who needs a bae when you have this?


6. A How-To:


7. We’ve discovered a new name:


8. At least you’re not alone, right?


9. So THIS is how it’s done. . .


10. Remember when you would write your parents Valentine’s Day cards?


11. Here’s a special card for our soldiers.


12. When you’re feeling down, remember this cute story.




14. Even cats.


15. Here’s a fun thing to do:


16. Because don’t lie – this is what you really want:


17. Seriously- perk up!


18. Expectations only lead to disappointment.


19. This baby gets you:

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20. Let’s not forget the real heroes:


21. Don’t forget!



What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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