Is This Weird Beauty Trend The New Contouring?

At this point, there is not a human being of woman born who has not heard of the beauty…phenomenon? epidemic? plague? known as “contouring,” the process of using different types of shading and highlighting on your face to enhance your cheekbones and overall facial structure. Now, due to contouring’s ubiquity, it’s pretty likely that you’ve maxed out in terms of learning new and different ways to do it (and, if you haven’t, allow me to direct you towards some of the weirder examples of the beauty trend–clown, heart, and tape contouring). Sound lik you? Don’t worry. Meet the process called multi-color correcting.

It has to do with color correction, which is when you use different shades of concealer to target the areas in which they might be most effective–you know, like green to cover excess redness, orange for under-eye circles, and pink to brighten your overall skin tone. Multi-color correcting basically takes it to a whole new level and, like heart and clown-based contouring, isn’t totally necessary (or necessary at all, really), but is definitely super fun. Check out everything you need to know about multi-color correcting here:

So, here’s regular color correcting–as you can see, it’s a super-effective means of hiding acne, under-eye circles, and any other types of skin issues:

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Then there’s, uh, the next level:

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If I may put it in very basic layman’s terms, you basically just put war paint all over your face (pastel, suitable for your skin tone war paint, that is), then cover it with foundation:

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Like so.

In non-basic layman’s terms, you trace your face the way you would when you’re contouring–the only difference is that you’re using a color-correcting palette where it’s appropriate. You can check out a full-length video on how to do it here:


And here:


Obviously, it’s not something that you want (or need) to do every single day. If the very thought of contouring makes you confused AF, you can probably go ahead and skip this. But if you’re bored–trapped inside during a snow storm, perhaps?–you can buy a color-correcting palette here and give it a shot, like lots of other girls are doing. Make sure you use the hashtag #colorcorrectingclash so other people can see your ~werk~


Would you try multi-color correcting? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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