10 Weird Misconceptions Men Have About Women

It’s no secret that a lot of men have some pretty weird misconceptions about women. Men often feel that they can’t understand women, and so they sometimes believe old stereotypes or unfair gender conformities. Women aren’t innocent either – many of us do the same thing about men. I can’t tell you how many times a friend of mine has stated something absurd about a dude as if it were a fact, when actually it’s an unfair statement that doesn’t represent an entire gender. It’s not a crime – it’s actually something we’ve been socialized to do, when you think about it.

Have you ever wondered what random things dudes think about women? Some of them might seem pretty obvious – we all love makeup! We eat ice cream when we’re sad! Brad Pitt is bae! – but others aren’t. This Ask Reddit thread shows us some of the weirdest misconceptions men have about women that we hope change soon. Find out what they are right here:

We're Always Playing Games

MakingGoodChange: We don't "truly" mean anything we say. I've seen it passed around so much that apparently everything a woman says can be used against them.

I know a few guys who act like every woman is playing a constant game with them. They second guess everything a woman says, assuming she's trying to hint at something more or is in the process of manipulating him. I hate when guys act like women are evil masterminds 100 percent of the time.

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We All Hate Other Women

yokayla: That women don't like each other, it's bizarre.

It's unfortunate how many men - and women - assume that all females dislike each other. It's a belief that has been around for a very long time, and it's only hurting women.

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We're Not The Same As Guys In Any Way

VoodooDarling: That we are so mysterious and fundamentally different from them that we're practically from another planet.

I'm not going to lie - I know a lot of women who feel this way about men. Too many of us act like men and women are different species, and that in turn leads to communication issues. I think we all need to chill.

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It's Easy For Us To Find A Sexual Partner

canistillweardresses: That every woman can easily go out and have satisfying sex with a gorgeous guy.

I've lost count of the amount of times a guy has said something along the lines of, "It's so easy for women to find someone to have sex with. You can go out and have your pick and take home whoever you want." Um... no? Yeah, there are some people out there who have the weird ability to attract anyone, but it's not just women, and it's certainly not all of us.

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We Are Offended By Everything

KannoProxy: That we're going to be offended over pretty much anything. So many guys will say something then look completely freaked out, like the women are going to scold them for saying it. Another guy apologizes to me whenever he uses a cuss word, as if I'm somehow offended by it, even though I cuss more than he does.

I've seen this happen and have had it happen to me many times. A guy will make a gross/weird joke, then look at me like "OMG I'm so sorry don't get mad." We're not all delicate little flowers who can't hear sexual innuendo.

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Our Period Is The Cause Of Everything

velvejabbress: That a spike in your emotions can only be directly related to your menstrual cycle, and not that you have, you know, feelings and opinions about stuff.

A quick way to make a girl mad is to assume her tears or anger are because of her period. Is that the case sometimes? Yes. Some women get very emotional during that time of the month. But we are allowed to express our emotions whenever without needing an excuse like menstruation to fall back on.

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We Know What Other Women Are Thinking

internettiquette: That we know what all other women are thinking. I don't know why she dumped you or why she's mad, I barely understand my own brain.

Sometimes a guy friend will tell me about a situation he's in and then say something like, "You're a girl. What does she mean?" I will fully admit I've done this to guys too, saying, "You're a guy. Tell me what he wants." While I do think it's true that women can have a little more insight into what other women are thinking, I don't think we should always assume that because two people are the same gender, they totally understand each other. It's important to remember that everyone is different.

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We Don't Enjoy Sex Like Men Do

j9ack9: That we don't want sex or can't have high sex drives. I have a higher drive than my boyfriend, and he is perpetually astonished by it.

This is the worst and contributes to a lot of slut-shaming. Women can enjoy sex. Women can want sex. I know this is shocking, but they can sometimes enjoy and want it more than men!

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We Get Dressed Up For Men

SaysiAlt: That women dress up/wear make up/want to look good in general purely for the sake of attracting men

The only time I dress for men is when I'm going on a date or going out with my boyfriend. The rest of the time, I dress for myself. Or, honestly, I dress for other women.

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We All Have The Same Goal: Marriage

originatorn: That marriage is our endgame (and/or a specific type of wedding, expectations of an involved engagement/proposal experience, etc).

Sure, there are some women who really want to get married and who think about it all the time. Key word there: some. Not everyone wants to get married. Not everyone wants to talk about getting married. Not every woman thinks about it 24/7. I can't stand when dudes get all weird about a woman having feelings and they act like she's obsessed with marrying him - that's quite a cocky statement to make, and I think most of them need to get over themselves.

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Which of these misconceptions surprised you the most? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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  • “We All Hate Other Women”
    I want to say this: the Patriarchy has traditionally trained women to attain the goal of being the perfect wife, perfect mother, and the perfect daughter and that we must compete with other women for Men, we’ve been pitted against each other for a long time.