12 Unofficial Rules Every Vine User Needs To Know

One of the main reasons why I find Vine so awesome is because it’s basically a mixture of YouTube and Twitter. The video-sharing app lets people share creative six-second videos and include descriptions with hashags, which is pretty cool. And plus, you get to see what your friends are up to without feeling like some creepy stalker. Isn’t that neat?


But while Vine can be super exciting, I’ve noticed that most Vine users have some of the most irritating habits. So for example. I can’t stand the fact that people record the most boring and pointless things, I hate seeing people copy vines from one another, and words can’t even express how much I hate the hashtag #DoitfortheVine. It really annoys me that people can turn such a fun and engaging platform into a total disaster.

Check out these 12 unwritten rules that all Vine users should follow right now.

1. Stop it with the vine selfies.


If you want to take a selfie, just take a picture. Don’t do a six-second-long video of yourself staring into the camera because that’s creepy.


2. Limit the amount of times you revine things.


Your followers are more interested in what you have to share, so don’t bombard them with a bunch of other revines that have absolutely nothing to do with you.


3. Be original.


It’s fine to be inspired by another vine and put a unique spin on your own, but don’t just copy the vines you see. It looks lazy and unoriginal.


4. Don’t upload song covers.


Man I hate this. Regardless of whether or not a person can sing, I don’t want to hear six seconds of a song cover. I’d rather hear the full song performed on YouTube.


5. Don’t spam people’s comments to try and get more followers and viewers.


Don’t be this desperate. You’ll only annoy people, so don’t do it.


6. Don’t #DoItForTheVine.


The purpose of this hashtag is clearly to show that you’d go to ridiculous lengths for a good six-second video, like twerk on a busy street, light yourself on fire, or jump from a high railing. But it’s just not worth it. There are safer and more sensible ways to make a really good vine.


7. Use your six seconds wisely.


In other words, record things that are actually interesting, or things that your followers will care about. (So for example, don’t record yourself doing dishes or chewing food. It’s just boring).


8. Unless you know they’re comfortable with it, do NOT get random strangers involved.


If I had a dime for every time I saw a person include random strangers in their vine, I’d be filthy rich. But what strikes me as odd is the fact that they feel it’s perfectly normal to approach and record strangers out of nowhere. Newsflash: This is NOT okay.


9. No nudity. Ever.


This is not your opportunity to share a mini sex tape or create porn. Keep that stuff private.


10. It’s totally fine to promote yourself, but just don’t overdo it.


The people who follow you want to learn more about you, not your job or your famous new blog.


11. Don’t just re-record YouTube videos or movie clips as vines


This is just a waste of time, in my opinion, because you’re basically sharing content that people can look up and watch on their own. So why not just use your imagination and find better ways to communicate what you’re trying to say?


12. Use hashtags appropriately.


The hashtags you use should actually be related to your video. Don’t be that person who uses a random trend just to get more views.

Are you a big fan of Vine? What do you think of these unofficial rules? Tell us in the comments below!

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