9 Out Of Control Yahoo Answers Questions About Kinks

I’d like to start this off by making it clear that this post isn’t meant to shame people for having kinks or being turned on by unconventional things. I mean, if you ask me, any kink is fair as long as it doesn’t a) hurt anybody or b) perpetuate oppressive BS. For example, I’m black. If my white boyfriend told me that he has a kink for calling me the N word in the middle of sex, I’m kicking him to the curb because no. You can’t say that your kink is having sex with underage people if you’re a full grown adult and act on those fantasies. That’s called… going to jail.

But for the most part, kinks are pretty harmless. Wow, so you like to be slapped on the butt or get turned on by leather…maybe you’re into feet. You do you! Not everyone will get it, but who cares? Still, let’s not act like there aren’t some kinks out there that are a little funny. Come on, just a little. Even folks who have kinky preferences can’t help but chuckle at a few of the sillier kinks out there. For an idea of how silly some people’s kinks can be, check out these nine out of control Yahoo Answers questions.


1. I mean…some people are into it?

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 2



Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 7


3. This is…terrible for your vagina. Don’t get a yeast infection in the name of kink. I mean, unless you have a yeast infection kink, too.

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 4

chocolate matilda


4. Wow, uh…the struggle is real for you, bro.

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 1

eye roll


5. This has to be a troll. Please be a troll.

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 5


6. “Scat is poop sex Jen.”

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 6



7. Mormon women  have magic underwear?

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 9

peyton sawyer huh


8. Not the beans…

Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 8



Yahoo Answers Questions Kinks 3



What’s one of the strangest kinks you know of? Do you consider yourself kinky? Tell us in the comments!

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