23 Posts That Explain What Consent Really Means

It’s time to stop victim-blaming and start educating people about consent. The concept of consent is not difficult to understand, yet, given the amount of sexual assault cases out there, it clearly seems like many people are confused by it. We’ll make it a little more simple: there is no grey area when it comes to consent. Someone either gives you their consent or they don’t. “Well, she was acting like she wanted it” is not an excuse that anyone should be allowed to use anymore. If you’ve said, “No,” you’ve done your part and it’s up to the other person to do theirs by respecting your wishes.

I can’t even count the number of situations I’ve been in where I’ve explicitly said, “I don’t want to have sex” to a guy only to have him try to convince me otherwise. Men have said things from, “Well, it seems like you’re enjoying yourself” to “Are you sure?” to acting really put-out and annoyed. Now that I am older, I really don’t care if the fact that I don’t want to have sex hurts the guy’s ego or feelings. It’s my body, and I get to do what I want with it. When I was younger and nicer, though, I was more easily taken advantage of. AND THAT FACT MAKES ME ANGRY.

Yes, I’m angry that I can’t go back and tell off those guys who didn’t listen to me when I told them, “No.” But what I can do is try and educate people to prevent it from happening to others. If you know people in your life who are confused about when it’s okay to have sex with someone, you can forward this to them. Here are some posts that clearly explain what consent means:

1. What someone is wearing literally has nothing to do with consent.



2. The word “no” has only one meaning. ONE.



3. Literally super easy to understand:



4. Let’s put it into terms a child could understand:



5. Here’s an explanation from an actual children’s show:



6. If someone is too drunk to respond, this does not mean “yes.”



7. This is how things should be.

8. Two people have to want it, not just one.



9. In case you’re confused, there are synonyms for no.


10. There is no grey area.



11.At least these condoms understand.



12. Children can understand consent.



13. Literally everyone knows what no means.



14. Only yes means yes.


15. Still not getting it?


16. Even if you’re in a relationship with that person, you still need consent.


17. Don’t try to convince someone once they say no.


18. If you do something after someone says “no,” you should be held accountable.



19. Remember this rule: you shouldn’t take things that aren’t yours.


20. This metaphor is right on:



21. And so is this one:


22. No one should have to be afraid.


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