15 Inapproriate And Funny Valentine’s Day Cards You Should Give Your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of cool ideas for what to get for your significant other! You’re probably racking your brain, trying to come up with the perfect way to surprise and impress them. But you know what? One of the simplest and most romantic ways to tell your partner you love them is with a cute Valentine’s Day card.


But here’s the catch: Your Valentine’s Day card needs to be really good. And I’m not talking about those boring and cheesy cards that simply say “I love you.” You should actually put some thought into it and consider what your partner would really like. Or even better, you should consider getting them a super funny, naughty card! I mean, a little humor wouldn’t hurt. And what better way to show them how much you love them than with the most epic (sexual) card ever?

Check out these 15 hilarious and inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards that your significant other will appreciate.

1.  You’re My Favorite Thing To Do Card


It’s short, it’s straightforward, and it’s pretty bold. But hey, at least you’re being honest.

Valentine’s Day Card – Sexy Card, $4.50, Etsy.com


2. The Commitment Is Scary Card


The front of this card pretty much sounds like the most epic plan for Valentine’s Day.

Funny Love Card, $4.95, Etsy.com


3. The I Love Your Cock Card


Make your significant other feel extra special by letting them know that you love all of them. Especially the nether region.

I Love Your Cock Mautre Note Card, $3.50, Etsy.com


4. Shit Bitch you Is Fine Card

valentine4 copy

This will show that you’ve got quite the way with words (okay, maybe not). But you’ve got to appreciate the humor in this.

Shit bitch you is fine – funny vday card, $4.00, Etsy.com


5. You’ll Do Card


It sounds a bit mean, but it’s actually pretty funny in a cute way. Just make sure to write something a little nicer on the inside.

Funny Valentine’s Day Card, $3.49, Etsy.com


6. You Make Me So Wet Card


No need to beat around the bush. Your partner will totally appreciate your honesty with this card.

Naughty Valentine’s day card, $4.00, Etsy.com


7. Let’s Make Babies Card


This card is so awesome. Just make sure your that partner reads the entire card before they start to freak out over the large print!

Naughty Valentines Card, $4.50, Etsy.com


8. You Me Naked Now Card


Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like this card. I mean, chances are you guys will get to celebrate right away. *wink wink*

Funny Valentine’s Day Card, $3.50, Etsy.com


9. You’re My Favorite Skank Card


It’s probably not the best idea to get this if you two just started dating, but if you guys share a sense of humor, you should go for it!

Funny Card, $3.75, Etsy.com


10. The Funny Boyfriend Card


This actually sounds scary. But, it lets your partner know that even when they get you angry or let you down, you allow them to live because you love them. Super romantic, no?

Funny Boyfriend Card, $4.99, Etsy.com


11. The Naughty Emoji Card 


This card is so naughty. It’s the perfect way to make your partner use their imagination, or even better get them in the mood.

Funny & Naughty Greeting Card, $3.99, Etsy.com


12. The Cardio Workout Card


This card lets your partner know that they make you happy and that they help you burn extra calories. It’s a win win.

Valentine’s Day Card, $4.00, Etsy.com


13. The I Want To Nail You Card


Okay, the nail drawings on this card are so adorable that you wouldn’t believe this card is so naughty. But either way, it’s perfect.

Funny Naughty Card, $3.99Etsy.com


14. The I Just Wanna Bone Ya Card


I love the use of the doggie bone on this card. Plus, it’s sweet, short, and simple!

Romantic Cute Anniversary Card, $2.50Etsy.com


15. The Adult Valentine’s Card


Get it? You’re rinsing the key areas for them to have some fun…. With your nether regions.

Adult Valentine’s Card, $3.19, Etsy.com


Which of these cards is your favorite? Do you plan on getting any of them for your significant other? Tell us in the comments below!

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