20 Images That Describe You When You’re Mad At Bae

Few things are as infuriating as being mad at bae. Fighting with the person you care about the most is so annoying – it makes you angry, but it also makes you sad. On top of that, you sometimes feel like you have no one to talk to about it, because THEY are the person you would normally talk to about it! The worst thing is when bae isn’t taking you seriously, and you have to make it clear that you are pissed.

One of my favorite memes on the Internet is “when you’re mad at bae” because it basically describes my life. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over five years, which means that we’ve had a lot of stupid fights and I’ve been mad at him many a time. I’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty petty person, so most of these images are literally me. Feel the same way? Here are 20 hilarious images that describe you when you’re mad at bae:


1. When they try to text you like everything is fine when it clearly isn’t:


2. When they know you’re mad so they try to kiss you and you have to teach them a lesson:


3. When you need to make it clear that you’re done talking for the night:


4. Trying to be mad at bae even when they’re being sweet like:


5. That horrifying moment bae actually listens to you when you tell them to leave you alone:


6. When you refuse to humor their “I love yous:”


7. When you’re so mad but also starving:


8. The fact that bae still doesn’t understand what you REALLY mean when you say this:



9. Because being sassy when you’re angry is your strong point:



10. When you can’t decide whether to be mad or to make up:


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11. The moments you want to show physical affection even though you’re still mad:

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12. When you love food more than fighting:


13. Literally you when bae says something funny and you don’t want to give them the satisfaction of laughing:


14. When you realize you made a huge mistake:

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15. Your reaction when you forget you’re supposed to be mad:

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16. When bae makes up for their behavior and you’re secretly pleased:


17. You when you’re being petty:


18. What bae gets when you’re angry:

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19. The anger has to go somewhere, right?


20. You when bae asks if you’re mad, because honestly, they should know.

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Which one of these memes is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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