The 15 Unofficial Rules Of Instagram That Every User Must Know

When I first heard about Instagram, I was not impressed at all. I used to believe that Instagram was just another basic platform for sharing photos, and I was pretty sure that it would fizzle out in a few years. But to my surprise, it started to get more popular, and my friends even started to talk me into joining it. I  was hesitant at first, because I always assumed that it was only meant for people who love taking photos. But after months and months of my hearing my friends rave about it, I finally decided to give it a go. And boy, am I glad I did!


I wouldn’t say that I’ve become as obsessed with Instagram as I am with Twitter, but I’ve definitely grown to love it. I love that I can scroll through my feed with ease and see a collection of cool photos from friends, my favorite authors, fashion bloggers, and celebrities. It makes me feel like I’m living those moments with them, which is pretty exciting. But while Instagram can be pretty fun, it can also get kind of annoying. I’ve noticed that some users have the worst habits, like abusing filters, begging for follows, and bombarding my feed with way too many photos at once. It can get so frustrating.

But on the bright side, there are simple ways to make Instagram a little less annoying. Check out these 15 unofficial rules of Instagram that every user needs to know.

1. There is nothing wrong with posting selfies.


I hear people complain about this all the time. But you know what? That’s their problem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting a few photos of yourself when you’re feeling and looking flawless.


2. But don’t flood people’s timelines with too many of them.


While posting selfies if fine, it’s no excuse to go overboard and literally bombard people with pictures of your face. You’ll start to look self-absorbed.


3. And don’t overdo it with the filters.


I’ve seen pictures posted with so many filters that the people in them don’t even look like real people anymore. One filter should be enough.


4. Do not under any circumstances use the hashtags #nofilter or #nomakeup. 


This is a form of humble bragging. You’re basically saying: “Hey guys! Look how pretty I am! This is what natural beauty looks like, in case you were wondering!”


5. Don’t write your entire status in hashtags.


Seeing people abuse hashtags is really annoying. I mean, most of them are just way too long and some of them don’t even make sense.


6. Don’t misuse hashtags to try and get more likes.


Only include hashtags that are relevant to the photo! Using random hashtags that are trending screams that you’re desperate for attention. Not a good look.


7. Don’t post pictures of your food unless it looks appetizing.


No one wants to see food that looks mediocre or disgusting. And also, you don’t always have to take pictures of what you’re eating.


8. If your image is super blurry or has low quality, don’t post it.


I mean, what’s the point if you can barely even make out what or who is in the photo?


9. Skip the gym selfies.


So you go to the gym and you work out on a regular basis. Good for you. But posting pictures of yourself glistening with sweat and surrounded by workout equipment makes you look conceited.


10. Don’t tag random people to your photos if they’re not in them.


If you tag people that are in no way involved with or related to the photo you post, you’re basically begging for their attention. Don’t do it.


11. You’re not required to like every single photo that you’re tagged in.


You don’t have to like every single photo that you’re in. And you’re not required to leave comments either.


12. Limit the amount of times you post each day.


There is nothing more annoying than seeing the same person on your feed throughout the entire day, so limit your posts to just one or two each day.


13. Don’t post stuff that’s meant to be personal.


We don’t want to see that nasty scar you got on your inner thigh, and we definitely don’t want to see half naked pics of you in bed.


14. Don’t beg for new follows or more likes. 


Don’t be that desperate user who would do anything for a follow, including commenting on others’ photos for people to follow you. That’s just sad.


15. Don’t overly-promote yourself.


If you happen to have a personal blog or a small business, don’t turn your Instagram account into a tool to promote yourself. You can make a new account for that.

Do you agree with these unwritten rules for Twitter? Do you have any to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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