15 Hilarious Tweets About Having Sex That Will Make You Cry With Laughter

Not to brag, but a few months ago, I received a Snapchat from one of my friends. It was just a picture of the opening line of an article she was reading that featured a quote from the literary theorist Leo Bersani, saying, “There is a big secret about sex: most people don’t like it.”

The accompanying caption? I KNEW IT. 

I screenshotted it, obviously, because it’s kind of true, isn’t it? Like, for all the hype, accolades, and euphemisms–“the beast with two backs,” “country matters,” and “close with” are the ones that Shakespeare came up with alone–that sex has received over the years, when it comes down to it, sex is more likely to be underwhelming or disappointing than anything else. 

There are certainly exceptions to this rule, but if you’re looking for them on Twitter (for whatever reason) you probably won’t find them there. Check out these tweets that reveal some certain truths about about sex as a whole–sometimes, it’s pretty bad. Other times it’s really bad. And, still other times, it can be fine and all, but you’d actually prefer some pizza instead:

1. Just get everything off your chest:


2. Yes. Exactly:


3. Same:




5. Do you ever just…




7. When “Netflix and Chill” goes too far:


8. Why not respond like this?


9. The ultimate aphrodisiac:


10. Like sexting, but IRL. What’s not to love?


11. Right. Exactly:




13. Strong argument, here:


14. Cats are vindictive creatures, after all:


15. PSA to please remember the little people. You know, like, your neighbors:


What do you think about these tweets? Are they accurate or nah? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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