10 Little Signs You Need To Unfollow Someone On Social Media

There are so many amazing things about social media that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. However, for every great point about what social media has down for us as people, there is a negative point to go along with it. One of the worst things about social media is having to make the decision on whether or not you should unfollow or unfriend someone. I realize that sounds like such a first-world problem, but seriously! It isn’t easy to remove your ex from Facebook, knowing that the only private way you’ll see what they’ve been up to without you is being taken away. It’s hard to unfollow a former close friend on Instagram or Twitter when you know that that basically means your friendship is gone for good.

Deleting someone off of your social media page is a big statement, which is why it’s so hard to do. Even though it takes one little second to click the Unfriend button, it brings across a strong message: I am not interested in your life anymore and I don’t want you to know anything about mine. It’s a commitment! Once you unfriend or unfollow someone you’ve had a falling out with, you can’t just casually follow them back. And if their page is private, your connection feels cut off forever (even though it actually isn’t).

Doing this is especially difficult with exes. Facebook is an excellent way to cyber-stalk your ex, to keep an eye on who is writing on their wall and what they’re doing when you’re not around. Instagram is an easy way to see whose pictures they’re liking or who is liking their pictures. You can find out a lot from a little Internet sleuthing, but if you aren’t friends with the person, you can’t. Unfortunately, there comes a point at the end of any relationship, romantic or platonic, when you need to just unfollow or unfriend someone on social. You get to this moment where you realize that being friends with them is only hurting you – not helping. And that’s not okay. Not sure if you’re there yet? Here are 10 little signs you need to unfollow someone on social media.

You Wouldn't Admit To Anyone That You Stalk Them As Much As You Do

Why would you be friends with someone if you're too embarrassed to let anyone know you still look at their stuff? That means there is a reason you're embarrassed - and it's probably because you know you would be better off if you weren't looking at their page. This is your sub-conscious telling you that enough is enough. You should listen to it!

You're Not Over Them And You're Trying To Move On

Whenever anyone asks me how to move on after a breakup, I tell them the same thing: delete them off of all social media. I know firsthand how difficult this can be, but guys, I promise it's necessary. It's so hard to get over someone when you're constantly reminded of them online. If you see their status updates and pictures every time you log on, it only brings up memories and makes you feel all the emotions. It's not good for you. If you're struggling to move on, delete them. It will help so much, and once it stops feeling scary, it will feel great.

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You Check Their Pages Obsessively

One huge sign you need to delete this person off everything? You check their stuff CONSTANTLY. I knew I had to delete my ex when I literally refreshed their Facebook page every single hour. It turned into an obsession. I woke up, looked at their stuff. I looked at it all day long. I looked at it before bed. I felt like if I didn't look at it, something was going to happen. It was crazy! I finally forced myself to delete them and instantly felt a huge sense of relief. If you're obsessive over cyber-stalking them, it's time to let it go.

You Regularly Get Upset After Seeing Their Posts

Social media shouldn't be making you feel like crap every time you log on. If you can't look at their updates without wanting to cry, you need to take that negativity out of your life. There's no reason to make yourself feel miserable every time you go on the computer.

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An Entire Section Of Your Texts Are Devoted To Making Fun Of Their Posts

We all indulge in a little gossip once in a while. But if your conversations are all about making fun of what one person posts online... come on. I KNOW you have better things to do and talk about than that person you don't like.

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They Do Passive Aggressive Things Online To Make You Upset

You can tell when someone posts something with the aim of making you feel upset, even if they don't use your name. It's obvious, and they know what they're doing too. If your social media friendship has turned into "who can hurt who the most," it's time to end the immaturity and delete them. Think of it this way: deleting them will be a slap in the face - much more hurtful than a silly sub-tweet that shows they're still thinking about you.

You Do Passive Agressive Things Online To Make Them Upset

Maybe YOU'RE the one sub-tweeting and posting things just to make that person feel crappy. If so, it's time to delete them so that you stop doing that. Being passive aggressive online like that only makes you look immature, not them. It's not worth your time. If you delete them and you know they can't see your stuff anymore, the urge to passive aggressively insult them will disappear.

You Know You're Hate Following Them

We all know what hate following is: it's when you follow someone you don't like just because you want to make fun of them to other people or in your own head. Hate following is about unnecessary negativity in your life. What is the point in it? There isn't a point! If you know you're doing this, end the madness.

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You Know You'll Never Be Friends Again

If you got in a fight with a friend and you know you'll never forgive them, why would you stay friends with them on social media? I know why: so you can keep an eye on what they're doing and show them how much better your life is without them. I get it, I do, but it's not worth it. You're better off deleting them and moving on with your life. It will hurt them more to not be able to know what you're up to, trust me.

You Can't Stop Talking About Them To Anyone Who Will Listen

We have all had a point where we get into a spiral of disliking someone so much that we can't stop talking about them no matter what. When I got in a fight with a friend over the summer, I talked badly about her to anyone who would listen to me until finally my boyfriend told me he couldn't take it anymore. I deleted her off social media, and the urge to gossip about her slowly disappeared. Once they're off your various feeds, they start to drift out of your mind.

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How do you know when to unfollow someone? Do you hate follow someone right now? Let us know in the comments.

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