Can You Get Pregnant From Having Anal Sex?


I have a question. My boyfriend wants to have anal sex without using a condom because he says it’s safer. Can you still get pregnant from anal sex? Please reply, thanks.

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Your boyfriend isn’t the only person who assumes that it’s safe to have anal sex without a condom since it seems like you don’t have to worry about pregnancy happening. So is that true? I talked to my friend Dr. Sherry Ross from the site HelloFlo (a monthly period care package you need to check out) to make sure I could give you the most accurate answer possible. Let’s find out if you can get pregnant from anal sex! 

Dr. Ross said, “The good news is that you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. Pregnancy occurs when the male ejaculate (cum, jizz, love potion, whatever you want to call it), which contains millions of sperm, find a woman’s egg in her fallopian tube. Sperm has to be released into the vagina in order for it to swim up through the cervix and uterus to find its way into the fallopian tube where fertilization of the egg takes place. When the penis enters a women’s rectum and ejaculation occurs, sperm is released into her colon, which is nowhere near the uterus and fallopian tube.” In other words: sperm needs to be released into your vagina in order for it to make a baby – it can’t just swim there from another body part. 

Except… here’s the thing: there is an extremely small chance of pregnancy happening, and even though it is very, very rare, I feel responsible to let you know it exists. There is the very small possibility that sperm could drip into the vaginal area and get you pregnant, but… it’s not the biggest concern you should have when having anal sex.

What is the biggest concern? Dr. Ross says, “The bad news is that you can get sexually transmitted infections from anal sex. Since most couples know that getting pregnant is not possible with anal sex, many men do not wear a condom and they have unprotected sex.” Remember in the ’80s when HIV was being spread like wildfire through the gay population? Okay, you might not remember that if you weren’t born then, but when HIV first became prevalent in the United States, it was most common in gay men, which lead everyone to believe you only got AIDs if you were gay. In reality, that was happening because gay men weren’t using condoms when having anal sex, and they were unknowingly spreading HIV. 

Scary, right? Dr. Ross says, “Having your partner wear a condom during anal sex reduces the risk of transmitting herpes, human papilloma virus (HPV), syphilis, and HIV.” So, even if the risk of pregnancy isn’t on the table, your boyfriend should still use a condom during anal sex. If you’re insistent on not using one, please do yourselves a favor and both of you go get tested first. But please use a condom! You’re just safer that way.

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