7 Surprising Beauty Products That People Have Sued Over

If you’re a fan of EOS lip balm–you know, the multicolored, spherical lip balm that reached unprecedented levels of ubiquity due to some key product placement deals with people like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus–I’ve got some bad news for you. A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company earlier this week, with people claiming that the product caused severe rashes and bleeding when they applied it.

This is interesting to think about, because while reactions to the suit have been divided–other people have since come out saying that they also had bad reactions to EOS, while the company told Time on Wednesday that they firmly believe the suit is “without merit“–EOS is hardly the first beauty company to run into legal issues. Check out the story behind the EOS lawsuit below, as well as a few other beauty products that have run into legal issues due to some not-so-cute reactions they caused:

Do you use any of these products? Were you surprised by any of the claims? Let us know in the comments!

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