12 Reasons Ron And Hermione Are Actually A Terrible Couple

It’s been 17 years since we met Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. If the Harry Potter saga were a person, it would be graduating from Hogwarts – a feat which was without a doubt the biggest wish I had growing up. Alas, my owl got lost on the way to my house, but I followed the tale of the three best friends and their many challenges and triumphs with what could almost be considered a near obsession. The world J.K. Rowling built was a part of my own world, and the world of HP fans all over.

As much as I applaud J.K. Rowling and admire her amazing talent, I can’t lie – there are a few things I would personally change to improve on the Harry Potter series. One of those things is the romance between Ron and Hermione. I mean, really? Talk about a toxic relationship! Although it seemed picture perfect, tying up the friendship with a ribbon of true love, it never actually rang that true to me, and I actually think they were a pretty terrible couple. Do you think Ron and Hermione should have ended up together? If you do, I think I’m about to change your mind. Here are 12 reasons Ron and Hermione are the worst couple ever:

1. Hermione and Harry were better

harry hermione dance

They’re pretty much the main two protagonists in the books. Ron’s more like the comedic relief. And in the movies, did you ever see Hermione more happy than when she and Harry danced together in their tent?


2. Even Hermione and Krum were better.

hermione krum

Hermione was pretty happy dancing with Viktor Krum, famous Quidditch player, too. It’s clear that Hermione likes dancing. When did Ron ever dance with Hermione?


3. Ron has the emotional range of a teaspoon

emotional range of a teaspoon

Three words: not boyfriend material. Especially for someone like Hermione!


4. Hermione uses the silent treatment as a weapon

hermione judging you

Ron’s not the only one who needs to work on his relationship skills. Hermione flat out refuses to speak to Ron while he’s dating Lavender Brown. They clearly have serious communication skills together.


5. Their pets hate each other


True, Ron’s pet rat Scabbers was actually a murderous human in disguise as an animagus and Crookshanks had every reason to hate him, but this was probably still a sign that Ron and Hermione just aren’t meant to be.


6. There’s a fine line between love and hate

wingardium leviosa

No doubt Ron wanted this to happen at least once during the many, many times Hermione criticized him. Unless they were both united in supporting Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t actually that nice to each other. Sure, you could say they were trying to mask their “true love,” but at some point being mean is just being mean.


7. Dumbledore thought Harry and Hermione were dating

dumbledore shru

I would argue that Dumbledore is the wisest character in literary history. If he detected enough chemistry between Hermione and Harry to ask about it, it was probably there.


8. Neither of them are mature enough to sustain a relationship together

ron hermione gifs

Yes, relationships are hard. But should they be as hard as Ron and Hermione’s do they-don’t they, will they-won’t they, highs and lows saga of love?


9. Making Harry a third wheel isn’t cool

ron hermione harry

Harry pretty much brought the two of you together, and now you’re kicking him out of the circle. No hugs for Harry.


10. Jealousy can ruin relationships

If Ron wasn’t confident enough in himself not to worry that the love of his life was secretly in love with his best friend, there’s a lot of trouble coming down the road. Trust is important.


11. The four-way couple connections would get complicated

hermione ron complicate

You have three best friends, two of whom are dating, the third of whom is dating the sister of one of the others. Sure, it could be fun, but it could also get very messy very fast. Why risk ruining all of those friendships for some snogging?


12. J.K. Rowling says so

jk rowling gif

That’s right—even the author regrets writing the romance this way. And J.K. Rowling is even wiser than Dumbledore because J.K. Rowling created Dumbledore. How can you argue with that?

Do you think Hermione and Ron make a good couple? What did I forget? Let me know in the comments.

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  • MMLF 7619

    What a wholly ludicrous article! I really hope no one is paying you to churn out such second-rate analysis. I am not a shipper of Ron and Hermione, but this article did nothing to convince me that Harry and Hermione would have been better– CLUE: they wouldn’t have been.

    1- “Harry and Hermione were better.”
    Cue insert picture of Harry and Hermione dancing, with no analysis, context or justification whatsoever. By this logic, one can justify any couple under the sun.

    2- “Even Krum and Hermione were better.”
    I adore Hermione/Krum, but not because Hermione liked dancing with him! For Christ’s sakes!

    3- “Ron has the emotional range of a teaspoon.”
    No he doesn’t. He is impulsive, brave, insecure, loyal, jealous, caring and astonishingly bright at times.

    4- “Hermione uses the silent treatment as a weapon.”
    Yes, Hermione is oftentimes insecure and jealous. It is one of her most interesting flaws. How does this prove she isn’t able to have a relationship with Ron, whom you admit also has the same flaws?

    5- “Their pets hate each other.”
    Wow. Were you a soothsayer back in Ancient Egypt?

    6- “There’s a fine line between love and hate.”
    Ron never hated Hermione. He was annoyed by her, and felt dwarfed by her intelligence, is all. Notice that he often called her a know-it-all, but grew angry and defensive upon her behalf when Snape said the same thing.

    7- “Dumbledore thought Harry and Hermione were dating.”
    He also thought it would be a good idea to take a baby orphan who had just seen his mother murdered by a fascist lunatic, and dump him with his abusive Aunt and Uncle for 17 years.

    8- “Neither of them are mature enough to sustain a relationship with each other.”
    Debatable, but an interesting point.

    9- “Making Harry a third wheel isn’t cool.”
    Harry was never kicked out of the circle.

    10- “Jealousy can ruin relationships.”
    Harry can be irrationally jealous as well. Remember how he reacted when Ginny and Dean started dating?

    11- “The four-way couple connections would get complicated.”
    Not even going to answer this one.

    12- “JK Rowling says so.”
    She actually said that Harry and Hermione made sense “in SOME ways”. To which I would say, she is wrong. The beauty of Harry and Hermione’s friendship was that it existed entirely outside of romance, and was based on mutual understanding, closeness and platonic love. A romance would ruin all of that, and destroy the central trio of characters.

  • MissPeach

    This reasons are totally ridiculous!!! Of course Harry and Hermiones chemistry is right, they are best friends! And I dont think Harry is the third wheel. In the movies Ron is totally pushed in the background, although he is such a strong and cool character in the books…
    And J.K. didn’t exactly say it like that!! She wrote Ron and hermione as a wish forfillment and I understand this. If you read her interview until the end you’ll realize that she didn’t say that Harry and Hermione would work better! For every reason you gave, I could give a reason why your reason isn’t strong enough! Hermione and Ron have loved each other since i dont know their 3. Year or so and they are just cute! Hermione and Ron are true love!!!

  • Alia

    As much as I don’t ship Ron and Hermione either, I have to admit that this article is absolute BS. This isn’t “Reasons why Ron and Hermione could never last.” This is “Reasons I hate Romione.” You’re listing reasons why you don’t want Ron and Hermione together, but none of your arguments have any substance.

    Now, instead of citing JK Rowling, why don’t you explain her reasons for why she regrets putting them together? It’s because Hermione could never be happy with someone like Ron. Yes, Ron is commonly perceived as the “weak link” in the trio, but he’s a hero in his own right. Ron’s problem is jealousy; he acts like he can deal with the fact that Harry and Hermione are both more accomplished–he’s even convinced himself of this fact–but the truth is that Ron can’t deal with it. Mirror of Erised: he wants to be a star. And Hermione is too ambitious for Ron, who would gladly kick back and relax. Hermione would find Ron too confining for her, and in this sense, even Hermione and Draco are more compatible than Hermione and Ron. (And yes, I do ship Dramione, but outside of the books, which do nothing to establish any sort of relationship between the two.)

    • MMLF 7619

      I don’t ship Dramione, but I agree with everything you have said here.

    • rebeca agoiz

      I agree with you so much!! Ron and Hermione would make a terrible couple. In real life, I totally see them having this intense high school romance, but then Hermione would go on to a Ivy League University, and Ron would go to community college.

      She would have a very succesful career and would end up with a man that could both, challenge her intelectually and support her emotionally. Sometimes, she would look back with fondness to the memory of Ron Weasley and would remember him as the first boy she ever loved.

  • craptelly

    OMG I have no words at how stupid this article is.

  • Mariana

    This is honestly the most ridiculous article about R/Hr I’ve ever read, and I’ve read plenty. Ron Weasley is one of my favorite characters ever and one of the main reasons for that is how flawed he is. But in many ‘anti-Romione’ speeches I’ve seen, people like to paint Ron as this absolute mess, a bumbling idiot who serves no purpose. In fact, I’ve seen people go as far as saying he would be an abusive boyfriend/husband. What a load of bullshit. First, let’s establish something here: Hermione is as flawed as Ron. Yeah, yeah, you can stop clutching your pearls, you big hypocrite. Hermione values academic excellence and rationality to a point where she can become quite judgemental of those who don’t (see: her first thoughts on Luna, who believes in things that can’t be found in library books and therefore have no importance to Hermione). Hermione often disregards other people’s opinions once she’s made up her mind about things (see: her overly-radical stance on house elf rights; her refusal to see Ron’s side in the whole Scabbers-Crookshanks debacle (i mean, you pet kills your friend’s pet and you can’t even say ‘sorry’ or understand why they’re upset?)). Also, I’ve never gotten over Marietta Edgecombe. How long did that girl have ‘sneak’ plastered on her forehead? A week? A month? A year? A bit cruel of our dear Mione Sue.

    But I’m not bashing Hermione, don’t take me wrong. She is one of my favorite characters ever, too. But she, as Ron, is FLAWED.

    And Ron. Ah, sweet, insensitive wart, Ron. He’s a typical teenage boy, for sure. Insecure, oblivious to the subtleties of the world around him. A boy who at eleven called the smart girl a nightmare, but who also willingly sacrificed himself in a giant game of Wizard’s Chess, not knowing exactly how dangerous it could be. A boy who at twelve faced his biggest fear because his friend was petrified and wtf, we have to do something!! At thirteen, when their friendship seemed over, there he was volunteering to help for Buckbeak’s case because gosh darnit Hermione, you’re driving yourself into an early grave, working like a bloody house elf! The boy who at fourteen discovered his jealousy ran deeper than he thought; discovered that his friend was in fact a girl and holy balls why does she make me feel like this?; who made a mistake and turned his back on his friend, but realized he was wrong and fixed it. At fifteen, he had to grow up suddenly because the world he knew was falling apart and everyone he loved was smack in the middle of this mess; he also faced his insecurities and got a taste of what could happen with a little confidence (weasley is our king, anyone?). At sixteen he decided it was foolish to wait around for a girl who would never, ever, in a million years, want him (forgive him, he’s a bit obtuse at times), and chose to be with one who “did”, instead. He figured it out later, though, that he was just playing himself. And at seventeen, he fought a war. He was worried sick, hungry, cold, confused, insecure; He made the biggest mistake of his life; he came back, faced it, tried to fix it. He offered himself to be tortured instead of the girl he loved, he was forced to hear her screams. He risked his life again and again even though he had the option to go back, be safe and sound with his pureblood status (unlike Hermione, a muggleborn, and Harry, a marked man). He lost friends, he lost a brother, he kissed the girl, he thought his best friend was dead and the war lost, he fought again. Most 17 year olds can barely juggle school, a social life, and picking a major.

    Ron and Hermione are flawed as individuals, and their relationship is no bed of roses either. They bicker about little things a lot, they have some trouble saying the things they want to say (but what TEENAGER doesn’t?), they’re jealous sometimes too (WHO TF ISN’T?). But throughout the series they’ve been a unit. Harry was always expecting to find both. It was always RonandHermione. Even when their friendship seemed to be doomed, they ended up powering through. They had their big blowouts, fought, made up, and stayed strong. When Ron made the biggest mistake of his life, he came back and fixed it. How many couples out there can’t even cope with their first bump on the road before calling it quits?

    I’m sorry I’m not very good with words, maybe I’m not expressing all my thoughts enough to make you understand my point, but the two reviewers before me have made excellent comments and I second everything they’ve said.

    At the end of the day you can say Ron is immature and Hermione nags too much and Ron has jealousy issues and Hermione this and Ron that and yadda yadda but there are facts you can’t deny if you read the same books I did:

    – They would both go to the ends of the earth for each other;
    – They would not hesitate to put themselves at risk for each other;
    – They are always willing to fix their relationship, even if it takes time, even if it hurts;

    To be honest, I don’t see what else you could want. Relationships are NOT easy, they’re NOT fairytales. They take work, there’s hurt and there’s bad times and sometimes everything goes to hell but it’s the willingness to make it last that really matters, and in my opinion Ron and Hermione have that willingness in spades.

    On another note, Harry and Hermione? Really? Did we read the same books?

    • MissPeach

      Im your opinion

    • MMLF 7619

      An excellent analysis. I’m not a Ron/Hermione shipper, but this article was utter tosh. And I think the concept of Harry/Hermione is contrived and ridiculous.

  • Jane Bloggs

    This sounds an awful lot like something Rita Skeeter would write. (aka it’s giving me second hand embarrassment from how BADLY researched it is)

    I love the harry potter movies, but using moments that are from them (and also contradict what’s in the books) doesn’t make for good evidence.

    First of all people need to stop throwing the word ‘Toxic’ at every relationship they didn’t like. it’s BS.

    If you want to talk about toxic relationships in HP talk about Voldemorts parents or Bellatrix/Voldemort but There’s nothing toxic about Ron/Hermione.

    here’s is point by point why this is so wrong:

    1. Just because two people are the protagonist doesn’t mean that they’re a good couple. that’s BS.

    Ron was a lot more than the comic relief. He was caring, brave, pragmatic, knew when he made a mistake and Owned up to it.

    Hermione looked really happy with Ron in a number of scenes in the movie (christmas in Ootp, being reunited in Chamber of Secrets, After she and Ron kissed)

    and if you’re taking the ‘tent’ scene you obviously skipped the END when After the music stops it’s HERMIONE who walks AWAY because SHE MISSES RON, and Harry can’t replace him.

    2. Ron Did dance with Hermione. At Bill & Fleur’s wedding. In fact he Asked her before Krum did.

    and you know what perfecty perfect Krum did? he wanted to flirt with Ginny after he realized Hermione wasn’t interested in him – so it’s not like he felt Hermione was his ‘true love’

    3. Ron might have had ‘the emotional range of a teaspoon’ at 15! but which guy hasn’t?

    outside of that it was RON who defended Hermione when Malfoy insulted her and wanted her dead. It was RON who was concerned for Hermione when she was taking too many classes their third year. It was RON who comforted Hermione about having to wipe her parent’s memories. it was RON who screamed his head off when Hermione was being tortured. it was RON who disarmed Bellatrix when she said she was going to kill hermione and it was RON who threw himself at the falling chandelier to get hermione out of harms way.

    not so ’emotional range of a teaspoon’ if you ask me.

    4. Hermione uses the ‘silent treatment’ on ANYONE she’s pissed with. She used it on HARRY when harry sided with Ron over crookshanks & the firebolt.

    also the thing about comunication skills is that they CHANGE. Hermione at11 is different than Hermione at 16. than hermione an 18.

    and teenagers are not always rational and reasonable.

    5. using their pets as a reason why they’re not good together isbeyond ridiculous . if it was like that, then she and harry make terrible couple too because harry also Disliked Hermione’s pet. (he called it ugly)

    6. A lot of people got mad at Hermione. Not just Ron. Harry even yelled at Hermione and made her Cry when he got annoyed by her.

    but again- PEOPLE.CHANGE

    also there’s evidence in the books that Hermione & Ron have their little moments away from Harry AND ENJOY EACH OTHER’S COMPANY


    “If she did not enjoy spending time with Ron, she would have no problem sitting on the other side of the common room reading a book while waiting for Harry to return. And yet, we constantly see her in Ron’s company even when Harry’s not around.

    In every book after CS, she arrives the Burrow/Leaky Cauldron/Number 12 before Harry does. Harry takes it for granted that Ron and Hermione will be sitting together when he shows up in the common room, but that’s not a small thing. In PA, the two of them return from Hogsmeade “looking as though they’ve had the time of their lives.”

    7. Dumbledore.NEVER. SAID THIS.

    it’s something the scriptwriter made up for BS reasons but it doesn’t happen in the book.

    and even if you want to take the scene in the movie harry himself shot it down because he said ‘No. Hermione is brilliant but we’re just friends’

    every time someone in the movies implied harry/hermione harry was like WTF?

    8. so they weren’t ‘mature’ in their teenage year. Big Deal.

    Most people MATURE ANF GROW UP- and Hermione and Ron certainly did.

    Ron went from not paying attention to house elves to be Worried if they got killed.

    that’s seems pretty mature to me


    Harry didn’t care about being a third wheel. Because he didn’t liked Hermione like that.

    10. oh like no one ever has felt insecure about not being good enough.

    it happens to the best of people

    also it was the Horcrux manipulating Ron.

    if you’re willing to see that Ginny is innocent from Tom Riddle manipulating her at 11, you can see the same thing happen to Ron.

    being insecure and having jealous doesn’t make you a bad person. What you do about it does.

    also Key here- Even if Ron thought Harry/Hermione were a thing. HE CAME BACK. HE CAME BACK TO THEM AND APOLOGIZED FOR LEAVING.

    11. I’m not even going to dignify this stupid point with an argument because it’s some serious rubbish.

    12. you obviously didn’t read the full Interview because you missed out the end where JKR said that Ron works well for Hermione:

    JKR: : she (Hermione) has a real weakness for a funny man. These uptight girls, they do like them funny.

    Emma : They do like them funny; they need them funny.
    JKR: “It’s such a relief from being so intense yourself – you need someone who takes life, or appears to take life, a little more light heartedly.”

    Ron helps Hermione Relax, not take everything too seriously, helps her when she’s stressed out, and helps her see the ‘big picture’

    Harry doesn’t do that.

    so if you’re going to argue against Ron/Hermione- Next time use better points and not this ridiculous half-thought weaklings.

  • romione

    Writing Ron off as “comedic relief” is the one of the laziest and sadly, most common analyses of such an in-depth, three-dimensional character. The claim that he’s more of a sidekick to Harry and Hermione’s hero is doing a complete disservice to the entire series. Even if there’s nothing entirely wrong with being a sidekick–sidekick are great, really!–, Ron simply isn’t one. He’s a hero in his own right and easily one of the most important characters in the entire series.

    Ron is just as much Gryffindor as the other two members of the golden trio; he has just as much heart and has always been nothing short of courageous and brave. If you doubt that, look at the way he sacrificed himself in the game of wizard’s chess so Harry and Hermione could continue on to retrieve the sorcerer’s stone. Remember when he faced his biggest fear and went deep into the forest filled with deadly magical creatures to help his best friend? All of this before the age of thirteen.

    Ron has many faults; that can’t be denied, but as Dumbledore, an arguably very wise man, himself knew: he always fixes his mistakes in the end. That’s why Dumbledore bequeathed the deluminator to Ron. Not because he knew he’d leave, as Harry says, because he knew he’d always want to come back. He’s a caring, loyal, and fierce friend. He put his life on the line time and time again for Harry and no matter what anyone says, those battle didn’t belong to him; they weren’t his to fight, but he did it anyway.

    Now as to Ron not being a good match for Hermione, that’s just silly. The two were practically made for each other. They balance each other in a way that Harry and Hermione don’t. The bond they had was always vastly different from that of Harry and Hermione. One thing you have to consider is that the story we are given is told primarily from a limited third person point of view–Harry’s, to be exact–and one thing we know about Harry is that he can be VERY oblivious to the obvious. I mean, I love him, but the boy didn’t notice much. He noticed what he wanted to notice and ignored that which he didn’t. Think of the way he forced himself into believing that his father was the Half-Blood Prince for much of the sixth novel, just because he wanted that connection with James. Knowing this about Harry, it lets us know that at time, we have somewhat of an inconsistent narration, meaning, there are parts of Hermione and Ron’s relationship with one another that Harry almost positively missed completely, or chose to ignore due to the discomfort of two of his friends falling for one another.

    Ron has ALWAYS been devoted to Hermione, whether Harry noticed it in particular or not. Think of in the Chamber of Secrets, the infamous moment when Draco calls Hermione “mudblood.” It doesn’t take Ron more than a second to stand up for her, wield his wand, and ultimately, end up vomiting slugs for hours for her. Think of Ron when they were trapped in the Malfoy mansion. Think of the way he acted when he and Harry were locked downstairs while Hermione was being tortured above them. Harry, too, was of course worried for their friend, but Ron’s reaction was entirely different, entirely more desperate.

    It isn’t just Ron who has a deep love and care for Hermione; the affection goes both ways. You only to look at the Half-Blood Prince to see that much. Hermione spends the majority of the novel angry, jealous, and heartbroken–not that she would admit it–over Ron’s relationship with Lavender Brown. Yes, some might say that she should have stepped up and done something, said something, but you have to keep in mind that these are 16/17 year old kids who don’t always know how to deal with their emotions, especially when it comes to love. Also, remember why Ron and Lavender broke up? Because Ron was mumbling and calling for Hermione in the infirmary in his sleep.

    Also, the scene with horocrux locket which was used in this article to convey Ron as jealous and thus, not boyfriend material can be interpreted in a vastly different way. I think it is safe to say that this was not so much Ron fearing that Harry would steal Hermione from him. Harry loves Ginny entirely and Ron knows this. His fear is more of Harry and Hermione not needing him. This fear roots from the insecurity of being best friends with the Chose One, the Boy Who Lived, and it’s a fear I think anyone would have. Ron, at this point, has spent almost seven years living in Harry’s shadow and is afraid that he’s not good enough to live up to his “greatness.” You can argue, really, that this scene really has nothing to do with Hermione at all.

    When examining why Ron and Hermione are right, it’s important to look at why Harry are Hermione are wrong, because of the constant comparisons between the two. To begin, Harry and Hermione’s personalities simply do not mesh romantically. Harry is stubborn and short-tempered, much like Hermione, and just like her, he takes things including himself entirely too seriously. Their negative traits are far too similar to ever work out in the long run.

    Ron and Hermione, however, have traits and personalities that compliment one another. To Hermione’s tense and high-strung personality, Ron is relaxed, easy-going. Ron is always there to make jokes and ease the moment when Hermione is taking herself and the world too seriously. They have two completely different types of intelligence that work together seamlessly, colloquially book smarts and street smarts. Take the Sorcerer’s Stone when they are stuck in Devil’s Snare. Hermione knows they need light, but doesn’t know how to get it. Ron is the one who stays calm and reminds her there’s a spell she can use. They are a classic example of opposite’s attract.

    At the end of the day, characters are read very differently by everyone and relationships in novels are a fun thing to analyze and look into, which is why I basically wrote my own novel just now. Haha. I think looking into and understand the dynamics of this three way friendships is truly one of the most important parts of understand the depth of the series. Thanks for reading.

    Also, fun fact, the third smell Hermione smells in Amortentia (the most powerful love potion that smells of whatever attracts you) is Ron’s hair. 🙂

    • I was thinking: that’s what a lot of relationships are like!

      • rebeca agoiz

        I think Ron and Hermione would make a terrible couple. In real life, I totally see them having this intense high school romance, but then Hermione would go on to a Ivy League University, and Ron would go to community college.

        She would have a very succesful career and would end up with a man that could both challenge her intelectually and support her emotionally (somthing that Ron could never do). Sometimes, she would look back with fondness to the memory of Ron Weasley and would remember him as the first boy she ever loved.