10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guys Actually Want You To Give Them

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but here’s a very important piece of information about Valentine’s Day: most guys do not care about this holiday at all. Seriously, they don’t care. They don’t want a fancy date night in an over-crowded restaurant, they don’t want a lovey-dovey mushy-gushy card, they don’t want a big declaration of love, and most importantly, they don’t want an extravagant present from you. So then what do guys actually want for Valentine’s Day?

Well, according to many of the dudes I’ve spoken to about February 14, what they really want is for Valentine’s Day to go away forever. It’s not that they don’t want a day to celebrate their love for you, it’s just that this particular holiday puts a tremendous amount of pressure on them, and they often feel they can’t live up to it. Plus, a lot of dudes are lazy and just don’t want to deal, honestly.

But if you’re into Valentine’s Day, it can be hard to accept that bae doesn’t want to do anything. If you’re asking him to get you a present, you feel like you have to get him a present too, even if he insists that he doesn’t want anything. If you feel like you need to do something for your S.O. this year, I’ve got some suggestions for what guys really want you to give them. Hint: it doesn’t cost a lot of money, it’s not something you need to order online, and it’s also not something you need to stress about. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts guys actually want you to give them: 

Tickets To Something He Likes

Instead of spending hundreds on the latest tech item, spend money on an experience gift. Valentine's Day is about your relationship - so treat your BF to something he'll love, which also means a date night with you. Buy him tickets to a sports game he likes (even if they're nosebleed, it will still be special), a play he's wanted to see, a concert you know he'll be into... anything he likes. It will be super fun for both of you, it will bring you closer together, and I guarantee he'll love it.

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Sexy Lingerie

Not for him, silly. For you! Although most dudes stare at sexy lingerie for about .5 seconds before taking it off, it's still a nice gesture that he will definitely appreciate. You don't need to buy a complicated, super expensive lingerie set that includes 18 straps and 25 tiny buttons and takes an hour to get on or off. You just need something new, special, sexy, and fun. I like the option of a lacey red bra like this, which is very sexy but can also be worn throughout the year.

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Love Coupons

Love coupons are basically DIY coupons for things your boyfriend loves. You can make coupons for sex, for oral sex, or for a makeout session. They don't need to all be sexual - in fact, they shouldn't. It's more fun to have a mix. Make sweet coupons, like a coupon for you buying him dinner or a coupon to watch the movie he wants to watch. He'll love them. These are so easy to make on your own if you want to save money and put a lot of effort into your present. But if you're not feeling creative, you can find tons of options on Etsy.

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A Massage

If your boyfriend works hard, treat him to a massage this Valentine's Day. You could buy him a gift certificate to a spa to get a professional one - you can even do a couple's massage on Groupon or something. But it's more intimate and special if you give him the massage yourself. Look up some easy techniques online, buy a massage oil like this one, and get ready to make him smile for hours.

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His Favorite Candy

As Valentine's Day gets closer, you'll notice an alarming amount of heart-shaped candy boxes. Those can be great, but dudes don't need a giant box of chocolates that cost $5 extra just because it's in a heart shape. Just get him a whole bunch of his favorite candy! That shows you know him, which is part of the reason for Valentine's Day.

Something Handmade

DIY gifts are great for Valentine's Day because they really show how much you care. You might think that guys think crafty things are lame, but that's not true. A lot of them actually feel touched when their girlfriend puts so much work into their gift. You can find lots of DIY options online, or you can do something like a basket full of his favorite things. If you're good at baking, make him brownies or cookies. If you love to cook, make him a heart shaped pizza or something.

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Nothing Expensive

In case you're not getting it, most guys don't want you to go all out for them on Valentine's Day. Don't spend $300 on something for him if he has asked you several times not to do that. There's nothing wrong with YOU wanting a piece of jewelry, but if he says he doesn't want you to spend a lot, then don't!

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It sounds corny, but it's true - most guys just want to spend Valentine's Day in the most low-key way possible. I'm the same way. I used to be a waitress and spent seven years working on Valentine's Day. It turned me off from ever wanting to go to a restaurant on V-Day. My boyfriend and I usually cook dinner together, then cuddle and watch movies. It's nothing extravagant, but just spending time together is nice. Suggest this to your BF and I bet it will be the best gift he'll ever get.

A Funny, Cute Card

Sometimes it feels like cards are becoming old news because of technology. But Etsy users make such amazing ones that I hope that never happens. Instead of a gift, get your boyfriend a funny card he can laugh at and write a sweet message inside. So simple!

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I know, this seems so corny and lame. But it's true! Your boyfriend just wants to be with you on Valentine's Day. So this year, instead of getting caught up in the hype and commercialism, just spend the day/night with him. That's it. Just the two of you. I promise it will be great.

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Which one of these gifts are you going to get your boyfriend? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments.

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