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The other day, a friend of mine tweeted something along the lines of, “Hey, add me on Peach if you have it too!” with the peach emoji nestled in there. “WTF is Peach?” I briefly wondered to myself, then promptly forgot about it… until a few days later, when I noticed several brands tweeting about adding them on Peach in a way that reminded me of the Kardashian sisters desperately trying to act like they casually use Kimojis in an effort to get people to download them (see example below).

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Clearly, I was behind the times. Major brands like Marie Claire were tweeting about Peach, and I had never even heard of it. As an editor whose job is to keep a sharp eye on social media, I was disappointed in myself. But also, was I really missing out? Or is this one of those apps, like Kik, that pays big names to rave about them without ever actually gaining the popularity or traction of apps like Instagram and Vine? Let’s find out.

As it turns out, Peach is a social networking app created by the founder of Vine that seems like a combination of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, but in a more intimate, clean way. To be honest, it’s difficult to make sense of that sentence unless you’ve downloaded Peach and played around with it – then you’ll have a better understanding of what I mean. Peach is available for download on iOS only right now (sorry, Android users), it’s free, and it’s also quickly sky-rocketed to one of the most popular new apps on The App Store. It’s hard to say whether that’s because it’s being hyped up so much by the media (who are clearly either being asked or being paid to talk/write about it – I want to point out I am NOT being paid to write about Peach, although, if you’d like to pay me to write about Peach – hi! I’m ready and willing!) or because people are actually using it.

What are people using Peach for? Once you create an account, the app lets you post things to your “page.” You can write text, you can post pictures, GIFs, and videos. You can update everyone on the weather in your area, you can embed in your location, you can draw. When given access, Peach can hop into the Health & Fitness app that comes on your iPhone and post your movement for the day. It can also access your calendar and put your event schedule. See what I mean by a mix of those social networking sites now?

Unlike those social media sites, though, Peach is more of a messaging app. I don’t have any friends on Peach yet (that was a sad sentence), so I don’t know what it looks like when a friend posts. But you can “like” what your friends post, similar to Facebook and Instagram. At the end of the day, Peach reminds me most of Twitter, just packaged in a shiny new way. The app is truly aesthetically pleasing, with clean lines and a very easy style, and I appreciate this a lot.

Maybe you want to learn more about Peach, but you don’t have the space to download it. Maybe you have zero interest in figuring it out yourself and you want me to do it for you. Im interested, so hey, I will. I downloaded to my phone and tested out as many features I could so that I could pretend to be an investigative journalist for the day (very serious stuff). Here’s what I discovered:

After making my account, I discovered that you don’t really get a profile. This is unfortunate if you’re good at coming up with witty sentences about who you are, but good if you’d rather just get to messaging.

This is were your “feed” would be – the “statuses” of your Peach friends: peachprofule

I don’t have a Peach squad just yet, but maybe one day.

The best thing about Peach is how interactive it is. You won’t even want to write “statuses” or anything like that. Why would you when you can easily add images from your Camera Roll (Leo is OBVIOUSLY in my camera roll) or quickly search for the perfect GIF?


See Jen’s face? That’s how I feel about Leo. Also Peach.

Peach’s *thing* is the Magic Words. They’re pretty cool and make the app easy and fun to use, and also, oddly satisfying when you discover new ones.


I did try the word “draw!” Here’s what I drew because I am apparently not creative at all.


The drawing feature is one of my favorite. As you can see, other Magic Words include adding in the name of a TV show you like, showing your movement for the day, and tagging your location. Magic Words are also the way to find GIFs – when you type in “g,” a little search box pops up to search for the GIF you want.

Here I am sharing some little random things to no one, because I am still without a Peach squad.


If you don’t know what to add to your feed, Peach gives you more suggestions. There is a little lightbulb next to the camera image in the text box. If you click it, it gives you suggestions for things you can write.


Pointless, but entertaining.

Final thoughts on Peach? I like it! It’s fun, it’s nice to look at, it’s like a more updated, interactive version of Twitter, and… let’s face it… it’s pointless, but entertaining. But isn’t all social media, when you really think about it?

I kind of hope Peach sticks around. If a desktop site version was created, I could see this pushing Twitter out a little bit. And if that happens, you know you want to jump on the trend first, before all of the good usernames are taken. Get out there, try Peach, and assemble a Peach squad. If nothing else, do it for the cute Peach emoji that will be on your iPhone.

Do you have Peach? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments.

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