13 Gross Things That Girls Aren’t Supposed To Do But Actually Do

From the jump, girls are taught to be “ladylike,” which means you can’t be rude or gross AF. Yeah, on top of all the sugar, spice, and everything nice BS, we’re told to have the temperament of porcelain doll, the eloquence of a princess, and a the modesty of a nun…or else we’re loud mouthed nasty bitches or something. These angelic expectations probably led my great aunt to call me “the most undainty girl” she’s ever known when I was a little kid, sharp words that have definitely stuck with me to this day. Sure, guys have their own expectations to live up to, but they’re usually allowed a little more leeway when it comes to personal hygiene, cleanliness, and the like. That’s why some dudes are still surprised to find out that girls–wait for it–fart.

So sure, we’re all socialized into thinking that guys are pigs and that’s okay, while girls have enough sense not to be so disgusting. Well, we all know that that’s a damn lie. Girls can be just as gross, if not grosser than plenty of dudes. In fact, most of us definitely do these 13 gross things, but we just keep it on the DL.


1. Smell our own farts.

fart gif

Mostly in bed, under the covers. Hey, sometimes we’re curious.


2. Determine if it’s okay to re-wear a pair of pants based on whether or not the crotch smells funny.

king of the hill cutie pants



3. Skip showers.

smelly cat

Anybody who says they shower every single day without fail is a damn liar.


4. Check out the toilet before flushing.

toilet plunger

This is normal, right?


5. Dare to poop.

Girls poop, too. I know, it’s a secret.


6. Those of us with vaginas definitely keep tampons in for longer than we’re supposed to sometimes.

Yes, Toxic Shock Syndrome is a thing, but bending the rules does happen.


7. Masturbate to mediocre porn.

Somehow, it’s just grosser than masturbating to high quality porn.


8. If you have a vag, you’ve ignored a yeast infection and hoping it goes away, despite the fact that your vag looks like a cottage cheese factory.


Sorry to be so graphic but…


9. Wipe away ear wax residue, surprise boogers, eye gunk, and other bodily emissions, onto various surfaces. 




10. Pee in the shower.

amanda bynes shower

I’d like the record to show that I’ve done this once and hated it, but others seem to think it’s great.


11. Neglect doing laundry, even when the sheets and clothes reek.

Girls are lazy AF, okay?


12. Worn the same underwear two days in a row, just inside out.


You’ve done this at least once in an emergency situation, don’t act like you haven’t.


13. Leave the bathroom an absolute mess full of hair and other unmentionables.

Anybody who tells you that all girls are inherently cleaner than guys doesn’t have much life experience.


Admit it, do you do any of these things? What other gross things do you tend to do. Tell us in the comments!

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  • Skye Alaina

    Love your articles! Question: Do you have a Tumblr?

  • Kayah Galatea

    fuck being deemed “unladylike” tbh