11 Little Things You Didn’t Realize Are Ruining A Hookup

If you’ve ever hooked up with someone before, then you already know that it can often get extremely awkward and embarrassing. It seems like no matter how hard you try to prepare yourself or do the right things, there’s always something that has to go wrong. It be because you end up doing something really weird to kill the mood, or say something that turned out to be pretty mean and offensive.


But on a brighter note, not all hookups have to be complete disasters. Hookups are supposed to be purely physical, casual, and fun, not some dreadful and awkward experience. But it can be so easy to lose sight of that when you overthink the little things, like how your body looks and feels, how you smell, or how good you are at kissing.

Well, newsflash: Your hookup buddy doesn’t care about the little details you fuss over so much, because what they really want is to get you in bed. All you have to do is be confident in your own skin and just enjoy the moment. But before you jump into your next hookup, you should seriously consider these 11 common mistakes that you never realized are actually ruining your hookups.

1. Trying to have a full conversation in the moment.


You should know that this is the absolute worst time to talk. No one wants to have a conversation while hooking up, so just don’t do it.


2. Trying extra hard to be seductive and sexy.


You might be tempted to act like a seductress by trying to act sexy, but trust me, this will just lead to embarrassment.


3. Wearing way too much fragrance.


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drown yourself in perfume or scented body sprays. It’s okay to use a little, but you don’t want your hookup to spend half of the time choking on such a strong scent. So don’t overdo it.


4. Obsessing over what the person thinks of your body.


Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of having a good time. If you feel like the person will hate how you look, they’ll be able to sense that immediately. So just relax and try not to focus on your appearance so much.


5. Trying out super weird moves that you read about in Cosmo.


Remember that this is just a hookup, so you can’t really know for sure that they’ll be comfortable with trying something freaky and outlandish. Unless they explicitly tell you that they’re open to trying something different, stick to the basics.


6. Going overboard with the kissing noises.


All the moaning and groaning is unnecessary. You’re kissing someone, not eating a meal.


7. Focusing on all the kissing tips you’ve read in magazines.


Thinking about kissing advice, or obsessing over how to do it the right way will only distract you from actually enjoying the hookup. So just take a deep breath and do what comes naturally.


8.  Getting super emotional.


Well, considering the fact that the purpose of a hookup is to get physical with no strings attached, getting emotional is guaranteed to completely ruin the mood and possibly end your hookup.


9. Eating foods with onions or garlic in them right before the hookup.


Trying to hook up with smelly breath is a surefire way to turn someone off. But just to be safe, keep some breath mints handy.


10. Letting them do all of the work.


Hooking up with someone who barely puts any effort into it is like being with a lifeless doll. Don’t make your partner do all of the work.


11. Not paying attention to the person at all.


Okay, so I get that hookups aren’t exactly meant to be very romantic. However, letting yourself to get completely distracted to the point where it becomes obvious to your partner is just rude.


Which of these tips do you think is the most helpful? Do you plan to try any of them? Tell us in the comments below!

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