21 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Be The Best Friend Ever

Although it seems like it should come naturally, being the best friend ever isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Being close with someone for a while can lead to a lot of complications – you start to get annoyed by their little quirks, you guys get used to each other and begin to take your friendship for granted, and sometimes you feel so jealous about what’s happening in their life that you act a little selfishly. The truth is, being a great friend isn’t as hard as you think it is. In fact, it’s very often the little things that require a very small amount of effort that make you stand out.

Acting like the kind of friend everyone wants has advantages for you too – if you act that way, your friends will (hopefully) reciprocate. Basically, you can’t expect your girls to be amazing friends if you aren’t an amazing friend too, you know? Make your friends smile, create some new besties, and become the person everyone wants to be close with by following these simple tips – they won’t even take up much of your time. Here are 21 ridiculously easy ways to be the best friend ever:


1. Be a loyal Instagram picture liker.

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It literally takes two seconds to double tap your friend’s photo she posted on Instagram. That tiny like will make her smile – especially when you like every picture she puts up. Hey, it’s 2016, and the way to know someone is a true friend is if they even “like” your grainy food photo.


2. Tag them in pictures that remind you of them.

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Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across a picture that reminds you of your friend, or that you know your friend would love? Tag them in the comments! You can do the same thing on Facebook. It’s so easy, you two can have a little laugh to yourselves, and it shows you’re thinking of them all the time, which is always nice.


3. Send them little messages of love when you know they’re down.

Feeling sad and lonely stinks. If you notice that a friend of yours seems down but she/he doesn’t mention anything, just send a quick text saying something like, “Hey, are you okay? You seem bummed. I’m here if you want to talk!” If you know for sure they’re upset about something, text them and say, “I just want you to know I’m always here for you. Love!” These simple messages are so thoughtful and can really make someone feel good when they’re in a low place. And they barely take any effort at all on your part, so not sending them is actually kind of crappy.


4. Remember the things they tell you and ask about them.

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One extremely important part of being a good friend is being able to listen to someone… like actually listen, not just listen until you get to say what you want to say. Prove this by listening to what they tell you, and then following up on it later on. So, if they tell you a little story about how they’re mad at a friend, the next time you see them, say something like, “Hey, whatever happened with your friend?” They’ll be touched you remembered.


5. Congratulate them even when you’re jealous of their accomplishments.

A quick way to become a bad friend is to be bitter about the great things your friends are doing just because you’re jealous. I used to be friends with a girl who couldn’t handle it when I did the things she wanted to do. Instead of congratulating me or acting happy for me, she would ignore the entire situation and be really rude about it whenever it came up. It’s a huge reason why we aren’t friends anymore. Don’t be that immature. Instead, act happy for your friend when she’s stoked about something, even if you’re actually feeling really jealous about it. Trust me.


6. Be happy for them even when you don’t understand what they’re so happy about.


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Sometimes you’re not jealous of what your friend is happy about… you just don’t get it. I remember a good friend of mine once excitedly told me about an opportunity she was given. She was so amped about it, and I just didn’t agree that it was that great. Instead of faking it, I was honest – and I really hurt her feelings. I still feel bad about it. There are some moments when you don’t need to be 100 percent honest with your friend. If she’s excited about something, be excited for her, whether you get it or not.


7. Don’t be the person who says, “Oh, I tried/did that and hated it” whenever they tell you something they’re excited about buying or doing.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m excited to tell someone something I’m going to try, some place I’m going to go, or something I was excited to just buy, and they say something like, “Oh, I had that and I hated it. It’s not that great.” I’ve caught myself doing it to people sometimes too, and I’ve made a promise to myself to stop. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, it’s just kind of annoying.


8. Try just listening when they’re sad instead of explaining your own story.

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Part of what makes a conversation great is two people sharing stories they can both relate to. But when your BFF is feeling really sad about something, you sometimes just need to let her talk instead of interjecting with your own story. When people are upset about something, they sometimes just want to vent to someone. They don’t always want to hear that someone else experienced the same thing, or something worse. They just want to wallow in their misery. Let your friend do this when she needs to, and I bet she’ll come back to you every time she needs to talk.


9. Actually call – yes call, not text – them on their birthday. Or get them a little something!

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Okay, I know it’s SO easy to just write “happy birthday” on your friend’s Facebook wall, or to text her with a ton of cute Emojis. But you know what’s nice? Calling someone and saying happy birthday. I know, ancient concept. If you don’t want to do that, another option is getting your friend a little something for her birthday. You don’t need to go crazy – even just her favorite candy is a nice gesture.


10. Be friendly with their family.


You can’t be someone’s best friend ever if you never talk to their family. Become friendly with their parents and their siblings. It just strengthens your friendship!


11. Compliment them, but don’t over-do it.
Sometimes best friendships get to this point where all you guys do is make fun of each other in a loving way. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also nice to compliment them genuinely too. Everyone loves a compliment. And if you become the person who tells your friends they look beautiful, or that they have great style, or whatever it is… they’re going to love you for that.


12. Pretend the person who hurt them is total douche even if you still think they’re kind of cool.
Okay, this doesn’t mean you have to hate everyone your best friend hates, because that’s silly. But when someone hurts her badly and she’s complaining about it to you… that’s not the best time to defend that person. It’s okay to pretend a little.


13. Don’t talk about them or spill their secrets behind their back.

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Rule number one of being a great friend: don’t talk about them behind their back. Sure, you can complain about them a little if they’re annoying you. But don’t spread their secrets around, don’t discuss their issues with someone else… just don’t. It’s not right.


14. And defend them if you hear someone making fun of them.
shut up
If you hear some random person trashing your friend, say something. It doesn’t matter if your friend finds out or not – just speak up. You should always defend your true friends, because you know you would want them to do the same.


15. Keep promises instead of flaking out.

If you make plans with your friend, and the day comes and you’re feeling lazy, don’t bail for no reason. It’s rude. Being flakey is not part of being a good friend. I once had a friend who I could never count on because she always flaked – that stinks! Be the person your friends can count on, not the person they’re going to think, “Oh, she’ll definitely cancel” about.


16. Don’t make fun of them about the things you know they’re sensitive about.


Like I said, it’s fine to be the friends who tease each other lovingly. It’s not okay to be the friends who tear each other down. If you know your friend is sensitive about something she gets made fun of for by others, don’t tease her about it. It’s nice to feel like you have SOMEONE by your side.


17. Don’t post that photo they absolutely hate just because you like how you look in it.

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Listen. I know you feel like you look AMAZING in that selfie you guys just took, and I’m sure you do. But if your friend is making a weird face or absolutely hates it, be nice. Don’t post it. Would you want a picture of yourself that you hated posted online? Probably not. If anything, cut her out of it. It’s just the right thing to do, guys.


18. If their crush is flirting with you – back off fast.
Yes, it’s flattering when someone flirts with you. But if it’s your BFF’s crush, PLEASE back off immediately. It’s not worth it! Even if it seems harmless to you, if she sees you, it will break her heart. Put your friendship in front of the crush.


19. Speaking of their crush, talk them to up to whoever it is.

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You don’t need to play matchmaker, but what could be nicer than letting your BFF’s crush know just how awesome she is? Not much.


20. Comment on their Facebook profile photo to tell them how beautiful they are.

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It’s nice to get sweet comments on your Facebook profile photo. Your friend picked that photo as her main image because she really liked how she looked in it – so be nice and comment telling her how gorgeous she is. It takes two seconds and will make her smile.


21. Treat them the way YOU want to be treated.

At the end of the day, remember this: you should always treat your friends the way you want them to treat you. Don’t be disrespectful. You got this!

Which of these tips is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let us know in the comments!

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