14 Sheet Masks That Will Totally Change Your Skin Forever

Whether you follow a bunch of Internet beauty gurus or you suddenly see them everywhere you look, you’ve probably noticed that sheet masks have exploded within the past couple of years. What used to be confined to Asian beauty spheres–especially in Korea–is now a massive phenomenon seemingly everywhere. I can’t step foot into Sephora without seeing an entire wall dedicated to the damn things. And while it might just seem like a bunch of bloated hype, sheet masks are actually pretty damn rad.

If you don’t already know, sheet masks are pre-cut material like cotton or fiber that are soaked in product–moisturizers, aloe, brighteners, etc–that you place onto your face. You just let them chill there for however long the instructions indicate. Then, you remove it and you’re good to go. You don’t wash your face afterwards! You just rub in the remaining serum and let all the goodness seep into your skin, making it a lot less messy and more manageable than traditional masks. Sure, you’ll look like a creepy masked murderer for about 10 minutes, but it’s worth it for those instant results. And when I say instant, I mean it. A good moisturizing sheet mask will make your skin feel like as soft as a baby’s butt immediately after you take it off.

There are loads of different sheet masks that people absolutely swear by, way too many to include in a roundup. But if you want to dip your toes into the world of sheet masks without getting overwhelmed, check out these 14 sheet masks that you’ll want to check out ASAP. Just wait until you see the snail extract ones (yes, snails!).

TonyMoly I'm Real Aloe Face Mask Sheet

You've probably seen this mask everywhere from Sephora to the checkout line of Urban Outfitters. Don't let the ultra cute design fool you into thinking that this product is more about aesthetics than results: it's cute and effective. While Korean beauty brand TonyMoly has loads of great sheet masks, this one seems to get the most universal praise. The aloe vera and bamboo juice in this mask will help moisturize dull skin, no matter what your skin type is. Colder months are especially brutal on your skin, so if your skin is thirsty, quench it with this mask.

Buy it at Sephora for $7.50

Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

If you have acne prone skin and massive pores, you should know that charcoal is your skin's BFF. It sucks up all the excess sebum (oils) that are just itching to clog your pores! So if your skin resembles an oil slick at the end of the day, wash your face and throw on one of these bad boys.

Buy it at Sephora for $7.50

Shangpree Snail Moisture Mask

Snail slime is the secret to beauty. Yes, seriously. People swear by the moisturizing and healing powers of snail extract. Dry skin? Pigmentation issues? Jump on the hype train with this snail moisture mask and watch your skin transform.

Buy it at Peach & Lily for $6

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask

I gave this mask a spin on New Years Eve because I wanted my skin to be at its best before going out all night. The results were pretty great, I have to say. This mask is made of hydrogel, making it a lot more slippery than most sheet masks which are made of cotton or other fibers, but I really felt like my pores were getting penetrated with the mask's serum a lot better than other masks. Anyway, my skin was noticeably softer after wearing it for 15 minutes. Also, I have oily skin and can vouch that this oil hydration mask didn't eff up my skin one bit!

Buy it at Sephora for $8

The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisturizing Mask Sheet

The Face Shop offers a ton of face masks for way cheap prices. Plus, they get the job done, like this chia seed moisturizing mask. Throw it on right before bed and you're solid.

Buy it at The Face Shop for $2

Cremorlab Herb Tea Belmish Minus Calming Mask

Whether you're experiencing redness, blemishes, or general skin funkiness, this herbal tea sheet mask is going to make your skin chill the hell out. The chamomile and black tea extracts and thermal water will leave your skin looking a lot better in just 20 minutes.

Buy it at Peach & Lily for $6

Sephora Collection Face Mask In Lotus

If you've walked into a Sephora store at all over the past year or so, you've probably seen an entire section of the store showcasing their sheet masks. Sure, it might seem like they're just hopping on the bandwaggon, but these masks are genuinely great. I've tried a couple and noticed great results with the lotus mask. My massive pores looked a lot smaller as soon as I removed the mask, and my skin felt silky smooth. Highly recommend!

Buy it at Sephora for $6

Karuna Exfoliating Face Mask

If you think that face masks are just for people with dry skin, think again. If you're dealing with oily or acne prone skin, you'll want this mask in your arsenal. Not only does it provide some TLC to your pores, it also exfoliates dead skin cells. Your face will thank you.

Buy it at Sephora for $8

Leaders Institution Coconut Bio Mask

If your skin has been looking a bit worse for wear lately, this mask might be the solution. Your skin will regain its plumpness and retain moisture.

Buy it at Lady Moss for $2.50

Masque Bar By Look Beauty Brightening Sheet Mask

If you're dealing with issues like pigmentation and uneven skintone, this might be a nice mask for you. Its ingredients include vitamin C, which helps increase cell turnover, which leads to reduce dark spots over time. Just make sure you don't use this before spending too much time in the sun!

Buy it at Target for $9.99 for a pack of three

Mizon Enjoy Vital Time Nourishing Mask

If your skin has been feeling rough and looking dull lately, you might want to give this mask a shot. It contains avocado extract which is known to solve those pesky skin woes.

Buy it at Peach & Lily for $3.50

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask

Yes, more snails! A Korean beauty expert friend of mine (as well as tons of beauty reviewers) rave about this product. Not only does it include snail extract, it also has some honey in it as well, which your skin will absolutely love. Definitely stock up on these babies while you can.

Buy it at Amazon for $17.18 for a pack of 10

Dr Jart Water Replenishment Sheet Mask

Yo, people are obsessed with this mask. Seriously, if you scour the internet you'll find nothing but rave reviews of this product. This hydrating mask is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Buy it at Sephora for $7.50

Sk-II Facial Treatment Mask

With vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this mask will leave your face feeling like, uh, a whole new face. Seriously, the moisturizing powers of this mask are, apparently, unreal. But just a heads up: This mask is on the pricier side at $17 a pop. Yeah, $17. But if you have some extra money to burn or you're just wildly curious, give it a go.

Buy it at Sephora for $17

Do you use sheet masks? Which ones do you swear by? Tell us in the comments!

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