7 Of The Best Plus-Size Fashion Lines That You Had No Idea Existed

If you happened to hear loud, ear-splitting shrieks around the Internet over the past twenty-four hours, don’t worry–it was all good news. Yesterday, it was announced that Nicolette Mason, a prominent LA-based plus-size fashion blogger, is teaming up with plus-size brand Addition Elle for their spring 2016 capsule collection.  For fans of plus-size fashion everywhere–and just, like, fashion fans in general–this obviously came as big news. Design collaborations are one of the best parts of fashion–think Alexa Chung and Madewell, Rihanna and Dior, and Beyonce and Topshop–so, when an awesome person teams up with an awesome brand, people are bound to get pretty excited.

This announcement was also exciting  because it garnered a good amount of attention, which is atypical of plus-sized fashion. While the plus-size movement has been gaining more traction and attention as of late, it’s still not quite where it needs to be, since many designers actually hide their plus-size lines. This means that, while the Addition Elle and Nicolette Mason collaboration got a lot of attention, there are probably some other awesome brands that you had absolutely no idea existed. So, while you’re waiting for the Nicolette Mason’s Addition Elle line–which comes out in February–check out these other seriously awesome plus-size brands (plus our pick of what to buy there) that you might not have known about before:

Proud Mary

Proud Mary is a seriously, seriously cool fashion brand--their website basically feels like your favorite Tumblr blog come to life, which is to say that their overall aesthetic is EXTREMELY on point. You'll want to lurk there forever. And probably buy a few things, too.

Buy it at Proud Mary for $78


While Redress has a ton of stuff going for it--they have everything from plus-sized vintage clothes to specifically masculine and butch-oriented items--the first thing you're going to want to pick up from this brand is something called "teggings." They are, as you might have guessed from this portmanteau, a combination of tights and leggings, AKA super soft and super comfy. You probably need them.

Buy it at Re/Dress for $24

Copper Union

Copper Union is a Portland-based plus-size brand that totally brings it when it comes to color and flair. The brand's designer, Claire Doody, has a background in jewelry design, costuming, and fabric arts, and has "focused her passion and drive into creating plus size separates that celebrate a woman’s curves with style and attitude." Sounds pretty great!

Buy it at Copper Union for $98

ASOS Curve

You've probably heard of ASOS before, but they have an awesome--and affordable--plus-size line that deserves mention. They have a ton of bold, colorful items that'll look good on everyone.

Buy it at ASOS Curve for $31

Violeta by Mango

Much like ASOS, you've probably heard of Mango, but not of its plus-size line, called Violeta. This is a shame, because their line is really great--they have a lot of really, really great plus-size pieces, like these turquoise jeans with zipper accents.

Buy it at Violeta by Mango for $40

Zelie For She

This brand is awesome because it takes the trendiest pieces from today--like crop tops, palazzo pants, and high-waisted skirts--and updates them, without diluting their eye-catching effect, for the plus-size set. We'll take one of everything, please.

Buy it at Zelie For She for $39


Eloquii is basically a mecca for plus-size fashion, whether you're looking for separates or a killer dress.

Buy it at Eloquii for $79.90

What do you think of these clothing lines? Did I forget any great ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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