19 Hilarious #WasteHisTime2016 Tweets That Will Make You LOL

As a young woman who has been cursed with the burden of heterosexuality, there is at least one thing that I can tell you for certain: There is nothing that human boys excel at more, technically speaking, than wasting the time of girls who are interested in them.

You know what I’m talking about. Like, you know that part of Mean Girls when Mrs. Norbury asks everyone who has ever felt “personally victimized” by Regina George to raise their hand and literally every person in the room raises theirs? If “Regina George” had been swapped out for “A boy who strung you along for ages but then dropped you like a hot potato for no apparent reason, meaning that he had effectively wasted a good portion of your time,” I’m pretty sure that the hands raised in response to this question would be just as plentiful as the ones in Mean Girls.


Well, last night, all of these feelings of personal victimization bubbled over on Twitter when the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 started trending. Basically, the idea of the hashtag is to just imagine scenarios in which you’d waste a guy’s time, just as he’s wasted yours. It was, as Drake might say, truly a time to be alive. At the time of publication, there are about a million tweets on the subject, so the ideas that people came up with are…varied. Some are a little mean. Some are very mean. And some surpass even the best of your personal revenge-plot fantasies that involve you absolutely slaying an Ariana Grande song at the school talent show in front of a boy who thwarted you, only to ride off into the night with Harry Styles. (Everyone has those, right?)

All of them are absolutely hilarious, however, so you should check out the very best tweets from last night’s #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag. And, hey, whether you use it as a source for a noncommittal giggle or a more concrete revenge-plot fuel is totally, 100% up to you:

1. It’s a wild ride:


2. Simple, yet effective:


3. Make sure you get what’s really important from him, though:


4. Ah, yes, the ol’ mannequin bait ‘n’ switch:


5. Lots of fake sleeping going on here:


6. And raising of expectations:


7. Uh, sure. Why not:


8. You can turn to OG time-wasting squad for inspiration, if you want:


9. Some are pretty cruel:


10. Like, very cruel:


11. I mean…


12. Not necessarily *unwarranted* though:


13. Like, what else would you in this situation?


14. And, the thing is…


15. Who hasn’t had a guy do these exact things to them?


16. This hashtag is really more about girls than guys, if you think about:


17. And any guy who gets mad about it…


18. Probably isn’t really worth it, anyway:


19. I mean, same:

Do you think this hashtag is mean or funny? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Anna

    I think this is really funny because they do the same to us, but I prefer to not be as low like them and do the same. Just saying. -__-