14 Things To Do Now To Get Your Crush To Spend Valentine’s Day With You

Christmas and New Year’s Eve might have literally just ended, but guess what? It’s already time to start thinking about the next holiday, and yes… I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Hold the moaning and groaning, please! Believe it or not, Cupid’s day for lovers is coming up in less than a month. This means that before you know it, the world will be covered in red and pink balloons, candy and chocolate in heart shaped boxes, and images of couples kissing everywhere… if it isn’t already.

Single? Don’t stress. Valentine’s Day can definitely still be fun on your own or with friends. But there’s also nothing wrong with really wanting a date on February 14. If you already have someone in mind, now is the time to start reeling them in so you guys can spend the holiday together. You can’t wait until the last minute! Do these 14 things now to get your crush to spend Valentine’s Day with you. Good luck!

1. Pick the person you want. 


This might be obvious – heck, even your crush might know by now. But maybe you have your eye on a few folks and need to narrow it down to one, or you’ve been so busy with school and extracurriculars you haven’t been giving your eye time to roam. Take a look around, there are probably a lot of cuties right under your nose!


2. Learn their likes and dislikes.

social media sushi

Don’t learn them so you can convert all of your own personal likes and dislikes to match, learn them so you have easy things to bring up in conversation. Now that it’s 2016, you can dive into their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat to discover their favorite hobbies, bands, and books. You could also become friends with their friends and ask for the details. Or you could go the traditional route and move on to the next step and…


3. Start talking to them more.

waving hi

Classic technique! If you already chat in class, take it a step further and text them outside of school. If you already say hi in the hallway, take a seat next to them in class. If you haven’t spoken to them at all, say hi in the hallway!


4. Make yourself available. 

snow white run away

This doesn’t mean you should follow them around, throw yourself at them, or send 11 unanswered text messages in a row. It means be open to conversation, attend some of the events they attend, put yourself in situations when they’re likely to interact with you, and don’t get shy and run away when you see them coming.


5. Step up your flirting game. 

how you doin

You’ve been talking more, and that’s great. But now they need to know you’re interested in more. Anyone can be a great flirt—just remember what you did when you had a crush back in elementary school. Playful teasing, light touching. It’s easy to flirt like a pro via Snapchat nowadays, too.


6. Hang out with them in a group setting. 

were all in this together

It’s often easier to let down your guard in front of your crush when you’re also with people you’re already comfortable with. Cheer on your team at a school sporting event together, go to the movies, hit up the local pizza place. Just make sure not to ignore your crush in favor of your friends the whole time. Once you’re ready to go it solo…


7. Plan to hang out one on one.

sandy danny

Go to a concert together, invite him to your house for a movie, make reservations at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it will give you time to connect on a more personal level without your friends around to distract you.


8. Don’t make yourself too available.

nick jonas bye

This is not in total contradiction of no. four – just don’t rush into things. You don’t have to hang out 24/7, you don’t have to talk on the phone for hours every day, and you definitely don’t have to cut your other friends out of your life.


9. Don’t play games.


Sure, sure, following steps to snag your crush may seem like a game, but make sure you’re being honest and keeping your intentions clear. Don’t mess with someone else’s feelings, and don’t lie about your own.


10. Drop “hints.”

clueless chocolate

And by hints, I don’t mean you should start wearing red and pink every day and eating a lot of chocolate in front of them. Depending on your comfort level, you can be as subtle as, “It felt like it was just New Year’s Eve, now it’s almost Valentine’s Day!” to as obvious as, “So…what plans do you have on February 14?”

11. Keep the pressure low.

no pressure

You don’t want to set the bar too high and fail to meet expectations, for either one of you. If you want to keep it casual, say so—but really mean it. If you want flowers and candy and stuffed animals, make sure your crush is on the same page.


12. Be confident.

zendaya shoulder

Trust me, you already knew all of this and have all it takes. You go get ’em.


13. Keep the love alive.

cory and topanga

Romance doesn’t have to happen one day a year. Now that you’ve snagged your crush, make the relationship work!


14. Have a Plan B: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends.

galentines da

You know what’s even better than snagging your crush? Having an amazing time with your friends. Pull a Leslie Knope and host Galentine’s Day this year!

Are you trying to get a date for Valentine’s Day? What did we forget to include here? Tell us in the comments!


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