13 Reasons Why Bacon Is Actually The Worst Food Ever

Shocking confession time: I am not one of those people who hails bacon as the single most perfect food in the universe. I mean, yes, it tastes good. I won’t deny that. But bacon is not that great to the point where people should be obsessing over it the way that they do. Bacon is not some unique, magical food with a mind-blowing scent and taste. It’s just overly fried and extremely salty pieces of processed meat. So when I see people get so passionate about how much they love bacon strips, this is my usual reaction.


But even if you happen to love eating bacon (which is totally fine, by the way), you have to admit that it is extremely overrated. The bacon memes, merchandise, and flavored products that I’ve seen are just ridiculous. I mean, did you know that bacon flavored condomsbacon flavored lubricant, and bacon scented candles actually exist? I’m sure that some people actually enjoy the smell of bacon, but buying a scented candle so that your entire home can reek of greasy pork? Seriously? Does this not strike you as weird? *shudders*

Words can’t really describe how much I hate bacon. I actually used to eat it a while ago, but then I eliminated it from my diet (bacon-free for six years) because I realized how unhealthy and dangerous it really is. If you’re curious to know why I refuse to jump back on the bacon-lover bandwagon, then take a look at these 13 reasons why bacon is the absolute worst.

1. It’s way too salty.


It’s like you’re chewing on a strip of salt. Just… Ew. Bleck.


2. It’s extremely hard to cook bacon just right.


It seems so simple, but it’s pretty easy to mess it up.


3. Which is why most places usually undercook it.


Although I guess some people actually prefer to have their bacon juicy, pink, and raw.


4. It gets your fingers super oily when you eat it.


Bacon is usually drenched in oil, so after people eat it their fingers are smeared with oil. YUCK.


5. It’s not healthy at all.


Those oily bacon strips have very little nutritional value and tons of fat content.


6. The smell tends to linger for a while.


You can always tell when someone’s cooking bacon from miles away, because the scent just hangs there forever.


7. And the smell isn’t so great.


The typical bacon scent has a greasy, meaty odor. Not your ideal smell.


8. Bacon is a processed meat.


And we all know that processed meat isn’t good for your health.


9. Studies show that people who eat bacon have higher risks of getting cancer and heart disease.


It’s true. People who eat a lot of bacon are much more likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer.


10. There is a bacon flavored oral-hygiene kit, which is disgusting.

bacon-dental-oral-care (1)

I can’t even. Is this real life?


11. There are tons of other foods that taste WAY better than bacon.


Like pizza, burgers, french fries, pasta, tacos, nachos, and chicken burritos (I could go on for days).


12. People seriously overdo it with the bacon obsession.


Yes, you can survive without bacon in your life. It’s not that serious.


13. There are people in Canada who prefer to eat bacon rather than have sex, which is ridiculous.


Bacon over sex? What? WHY?! That is insane. It also proves that people are way too obsessed with bacon!


Do you think that bacon is overrated? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • piscee

    I’m not allowed to eat bacon, which makes me so proud because it looks pure disgusting. It’s also not good for you at all, and it’s very, very overrated. It’s just a PIG. It’s so unhealthy because pigs literally roll around into the mud and eat trash or stuff like that. This gives cancer, and almost every show includes bacon. God, your so right.

    • adr ian


  • piscee

    This is 100% CORRECT. I’m Muslim and I can’t try bacon or any types of pork. And it really, really bothers me that almost EVERY show includes bacon. It doesn’t seem good at all, and I learned that it’s super unhealthy.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    • adr ian

      Nobody makes you watch those shows. It’s your option to watch them or not. If something bothers you, don’t watch it.

  • Brandon Perry

    Most of your points are a bit redundant.

  • ThatsSimplyMyOpinionNigga#RIPQ

    this article is stupid

  • Shawn Chun

    Your overrated

    • piscee

      You obviously don’t know what overrated means, so shut up, bitch.

      • clout571

        No, you shut up, bitch.

  • DragonGamerGirl_

    Bacon is love bacon is life 1 like = 1 bacon