14 Reasons Rey From Stars Wars Is The Feminist Hero We All Need

Warning: Star Wars spoiler alert ahead! However, if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens by now, you have to just accept that it’s going to get spoiled for you IMHO.

If you’re like us, you spent your holiday break going to the movie theater to see Star Wars Episode VII multiple times. This is where you met the badass scavenger Rey, and you immediately thanked the heavens above (or just J.J. Abrams) that we got a character in this franchise who could infiltrate the boys club. A lady with a lightsaber! A damsel NOT in distress! A gal who can be both empathetic and strong at the same time- kind of like a real person! Sure, the feminist angle is shoved a little down the audience’s throat at times (how many times did Rey pull her hand away from Finn?), but in a blockbuster like this, everything is on-the-nose. During an appearance on Good Morning America, director J.J. Abrams said that he hoped this would be a movie that “mothers could take their daughters to.” Judging by all the young girls already dressing up as Rey, I think that he succeeded.

Vanity Fair sums it up pretty nicely when they said: “In The Force Awakens, we find Rey, the most fully formed and powerful female Star Wars Character yet […] Rey is never once rescued by a man. In fact she doesn’t need rescuing at all, and is often handed a few iconic Star Wars rites of passage that previously had belonged solely to the men.”

There has been a lot of backlash against Rey by people claiming that she is a “Mary Sue,” AKA a character who is too perfect with skills that are unrealistic. However, defenders of Rey point out that she’s been taking apart machines all day for years and that has prepared her amazing feats she accomplishes in the latest movie. She makes mistakes, she feels emotions, and she is special.

Here is definitive proof that Rey is the feminist hero the women of the world have been waiting for and deserve:


1. She kicks ass.


2. She has her own action figure that is not sexualized in any way.


3. But the fact that it was excluded from box sets shows how badly we need her!



4. She had big dreams. . .



5. And doesn’t doubt her own skills.




6. She is a good role model for young girls


7. Don’t you wish you had a character like this to dress up as when you were little?


8. These girls even transformed their Bratz dolls into badass Jakku scavenger dolls!


9. She follows a male legacy…



10. And doesn’t need men to protect her.


11. She makes a point to defy any “damsel in distress” tropes.
“I know how to run without you holding my hand!”


12. Daisy Ridley has talked about the importance of her character.


13. She gets it right when talking about Rey.



14. In conclusion, Rey is a badass! And we love her.


Do you think Rey is a feminist hero? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Naq

    Leia wasnt rescued by a man in episode 4. They opened the door and she promply saved them. She was also portrayed as easily the toughest character in that movie. That tiny hologram was a red herring for the audience, expecting a damsel in distress and instead our band finds the biggest bad ass in the series.

    Episode 4 Leia
    -Resists torture.
    -In the face of the LAST Sith warrior, and the leader of the imperial military does not break down, and boldly misleads them both
    -Does not break even when watching her planet destroyed
    -Saves her own rescuers
    -Takes out a few stormtroopers
    -Hands out medals, is brave enough not to give the wookie one.

    By Episode 6 she was amazing, and folks can harp on about the bikini, but she fought a hutt in that thing, and blew up a sails barge. Rey is fine, but she can’t unseat General Organa with just one movie under her belt. Lets see how they compare later.

  • Caroline

    I think she is an overpowered, boring Mary Sue character. She can do everything. I mean really everything, including every damn language spoken in the movie. I don’t watch Star Wars for realism, but that is a bit too much for me and just lame character generation in my opinion.

    Leia is much more fleshed out as a character. She is strong, smart, sexy and has the right amount of emotional rationality that I wan to see from a female lead character. It’s just epic how she strangles the fat hutt in her slave outfit.