20 Of The Grossest, Most Uncomfortable Moments We All Hate

I am someone who gets grossed out very easily. I’m squeamish, I’m a very picky eater and I inspect all of my food, and there are certain noises, feelings, or tastes that make me feel extremely uncomfortable. Some examples: Seeing or thinking about a wet paper towel or napkin makes me gag, I can’t even THINK about gefilte fish without feeling sick to my stomach, and I carry hand lotion with me at all times because I absolutely cannot handle dry skin. It makes my skin crawl and I can’t focus on anything else when I need lotion and don’t have it.

But enough about me and my weird quirks. We ALL get grossed out by moments, feelings, sensations, smells, or situations that aren’t painful… just uncomfortable and icky. This Ask Reddit thread totally nails the things out there that are gross and make us feel so weird. In fact, reading through it made me want to jump in the shower. Here are 20 of the grossest and most uncomfortable moments we’ve all dealt with… somehow.


1. chewwbroccoli: When washing my hands and my sleeves get a little wet around the edges.


I can’t stand this. The worst is when you push your sleeves up so you think you’re okay, and then they fall down as you’re washing your hands, and you’re trying not to get them wet but they get wet anyway, and it’s just a giant mess.


2. sunshinecliffs: Pulling long hairs out of my butt comes to mind.

ariel disgusted

Okay, let’s all admit this has happened to us and stop acting like it hasn’t. It’s one of those things that is gross but also oddly satisfying.


3. glccat: Stepping in a wet spot on the floor while wearing nice new socks.

kanye face

Or just any socks at all. Because wet socks are the WORST.


4. ke1ly: Fuzzy teeth.

britney spears

You know, that feeling you get before you brush your teeth, when you can literally feel the gunk. I get this after drinking soda sometimes and it makes my skin crawl.


5. OminousRectangle: Wet jeans. Especially having to put on jeans that are already wet, for whatever reason. Pulling them on over your legs is the worst.

ew gif

The one thing that is worse than wet socks has to be wet jeans. Fun story: I once went on a hike through a rain forest in Costa Rica and swam in a natural waterfall pool, then put denim shorts on over my bathing suit, so they got soaked. I forgot to bring another pair of shorts and had to sit on a three hour bus ride home wearing wet shorts. IT WAS HORRIBLE.


6. PandorasTrunk: Having to clean out my cat’s water dish when she gets her food in it and it gets all soggy. It’s actually made me gag.

taylor swift screaming

Any food getting wet makes me want to low-key die.


7. jolly_undead: My hair getting stuck in my lipgloss. Gross.

lipgloss hair gif

The most annoying thing ever is this.


8. wigglewiggle31: When it’s not really hot, but only your armpits are sweaty and rubby.


The worst is when it’s freezing cold outside and you have to walk quickly somewhere and somehow you wind up cold AND sweaty under piles of layers.


9. NoNameNikk: Killing a bug of some sort and hearing/feeling the crunch of it. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.




10. [deleted]: When I wash my hands and my skin is disgustingly dry afterwards, like paper, and I’ve gotten the edge of my sleeve wet in the process.

waving hands

The feeling of dry skin is something I can’t deal with at all.


11. ikc_: The feeling of steamed/cooked spinach on my teeth. I ADORE spinach. My dad always steamed it for dinner with a bit of salt and garlic and I would inhale it. It left the grossest film on my teeth afterwards. It made me so uncomfortable I’d always run up to brush and mouthwash after!

lucille ball

YES! I thought I was the only person who noticed this!


12. trap-queen: walking through a spider web and not knowing where the hell it is on you but you can feel it sticking to you and the spider is probably scrambling around in your hair due to your frantic searching.

spider web

Literally an actual nightmare.


13. shofaz: Moral hangover.


Few things suck more than sitting back to think about the shitty thing you just did.


14. FelisEros: Fart bubbles trapped in the labia.


Make it stop.


15. halloweenaway: Wet willie. Really any time there is wet in your ear and you’re aware of it.

wet willie

These make me want to scream in agony.


16. megginbark: At the eye doctor when you are getting your pupils dilated and they blow that air into your eye. Waiting for that air makes me twitch.


By far the most terrible thing about going to the eye doctor. Okay, or maybe the most terrible is that little thing that touches your eyeball.


17. frothulhu: Swamp ass 🙁


The worst thing about the summertime.


18. acheronshunt: Or alternately, when your period starts early and you clean up what you can but you still have to pull up your wet underwear and a pad made of one-ply toilet paper and wear that until you can get home to change underwear. Gross.

katy perry

There has to be a way to make this stop happening.


19. BourbonBaristaBelle: A fork scratching a plate. Makes me cringe so hard when I accidentally do it when I’m eating.

joey hands



20. sweetheartonparade: Having a hair in your mouth that you can’t get hold of.


Get out!


Which of these moments do you think are the most gross? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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