16 Hilarious Memes That Reveal How Your 2016 Is Actually Going

Like most people, if you had spoken to me on December 31st, you would have found that I had exceptionally lofty goals for the upcoming year. I planned to enter the year of our Lord 2016 in a way that would set just the right tone–that is, chic, sophisticated, yet sultry–for the remainder of the year by traveling to a tiny town in central Virginia with my best friend. There, we would ring in the new year first by attending a progressive dinner party with some senior citizens and then crashing a fancy party at a local resort. What could go wrong?

We made it through the progressive dinner, and we seamlessly entered the resort party (they knew we were crashing, probably, they just didn’t care), but then, I made a fatal mistake. “Thinking Out Loud”–you know, the Ed Sheeran song that is almost everyone’s first dance at their wedding–came on for all the “lovers in the room” and, for comedy, I twerked in slow motion in the center of the dance floor while other couples did their best to dance around me.

It was absolutely the wrong thing to be doing at any time, let alone during the first fragile, precious moments of the new year–just twenty minutes in, and I had already managed to ruin 2016 for everyone, probably, but most of all myself. I really cannot imagine the terrible ways that it will continue to impact the remainder of my year, both Karma and blackmail-wise, but I’m sure I’m not alone. Despite only being a few days into 2016, I’m think it’s safe to say that a few of us are already ready for December 31st, 2016, so we can start thinking about our fresh starts for 2017. If you’re with me, here are some hilarious memes that show how your 2016 is actually progressing, despite all of your very best intentions.

1. Same:


2. Seems reasonable:



3. Everyone around you will be starting diets. It’s like…why?


4. SMH, 2016:


5. You’ll be dealing with this fallout for the rest of the year, probably:




7. I mean…no lies detected:


8. Nothing like waking up to an Insta of your crush with their girlfriend on New Year’s Day!


9. Or realizing the futility of thinking that people can change from year to year:

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10. Best to just celebrate your own accomplishments, no matter how small:


11. Or big:


12. But still embrace any possibilities for change:

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13. It’s very possible that you cried a lot today:


14. But it’s important to keep these goals in mind:



15. And try to get a “new start:”


16. After all, there’s much to be said in support of 2016. Maybe this is your year, after all:


Do any of these accurately sum up your 2016? What was your favorite post? Let us know in the comments!

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