11 Reasons Why Chuck And Blair From Gossip Girl Are Actually The Worst Couple Ever

If you were to ask any girl between the ages of, say, thirteen to twenty-five what her favorite TV couples were, you’d be sure to get a lot of overlapping responses. Ross and Rachel from Friends, obviously. Meredith and Derek from Grey’s Anatomy, natch. Jim and Pam from The Office, too.

Also high on the list, I’m pretty sure, would be Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Both Tumblr and Twitter are literally overflowing with pictures and gif sets of the two of them with captions like “Ugh, can I just have an ending like Chuck and Blair please?” or the  ever-present, all-encompassing “relationship goals AF!”

You all know how I feel about relationship goals, so it probably won’t surprise you all to know how I feel about Chuck and Blair. Basically, I hate them–not necessarily individually, which I will get to in a second, but together. I think that Chuck and Blair are the worst couple ever, and I am going to make you feel that way, too:

1. Chuck’s character is not canon with the books:


To some, this is a quibble, but for others, it’s a straight-up disgrace. True Gossip Girl fans know that, in the Gossip Girl book series, Chuck Bass’ character is radically different from his over-sexualized onscreen iteration. Book Chuck weird scarf-obsessed loner who literally carried a pet monkey named “Sweetie” around with him wherever he went. They tried to make Chuck sexy in the TV series, but that monkey-toting outcast from the books just has a way of sticking with you, ya know?


2. Chuck nearly raped Serena:


And, besides, it’s not like “sexy Chuck” automatically equals “good Chuck.” Remember how, in the pilot episode, Chuck basically tried to rape Serena (who, at the time, was his step sister)?


3. And Jenny:


In the same episode, he tried to rape Jenny, too. Not awesome.


4. Blair should maybe not date anyone for a while:


I don’t know. I like Blair and I want her to be happy, but she is manipulative, mean, and extraordinarily petty. It’s pretty clear that she shouldn’t be with anyone until she sorts out those issues (which would probably require therapy).


5. Both Chuck and Blair physically abuse one another:


This couple sees a lot of slapping, hair-pulling, and general physical abuse–it’s presented as being normal on the show, but it’s not something that should ever be accepted as a norm.


6. Which Chuck uses as a tool to mark Blair as his “territory:”


This escalates into something even more serious when, in one episode, Blair tries to break up with Chuck. In response, he pushes her down and cuts her face with a piece of glass. This is kind of by accident, but it’s a physical manifestation of Chuck’s overall desire to monopolize her life.



7. And essentially pimped her out to his uncle one time (who had a history of rape, no less):


In the third season, Chuck tries to exchange Blair for a hotel with his gross, creepy uncle. No thank you.


8. Chuck cheats on Blair:


Chuck was kind enough to thank Blair for exchanging her body for his benefit by…sleeping with Jenny Humphrey. K.


9. And literally abandons her at the end of the first season:


Remember how Chuck and Blair were supposed to go on a romantic European getaway together, but then he got scared and abandoned her on a helipad? So relatable! #RelationshipGoals, amirite?


10. Great sex does not a good relationship make:


Throughout the series, it’s made clear that Chuck and Blair have lots of sex. Lots of really, really good sex–the thing is, it’s also made pretty clear that this is kind of the only good thing about their relationship. Not a super-sturdy foundation, you know?


11. Just as lots of money does not a good relationship make:


In a similar vein as–sure, Chuck and Blair are both richer than Croesus. They have nice apartments and nice clothes and enough funds, collectively, to buy literally anything that they want. But this doesn’t mean that the relationship itself is sound. While they’ve got money in abundance, relationships rely on things that Chuck and Blair lack–you know, like empathy, mutual respect, and common human decency.


What do you guys think about Chuck and Blair? Are they relationship goals or nah? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Elmae

    1. Chuck was not Serena’s stepbrother in the pilot. 2.Blair was all of those things you said , but unless you’ve been in a relationship like this you can’t conceive how finding that one person will make all your negative traits become something to overcome for the one person you truly care about. 3. He is possessive that’s natural for men to be that way, and if a guy really loves you he always takes it too far because he’s human and humans are bad at moderation , but we do our best. Being in a relationship similar to this has taught me all of those things empathy, decency etc. You start out thinking your guy is not relationship material , then he surprises you and shows his vulnerable side, then he hurts you and you doubt you can love again , but you do. You also realize you usually hurt them way before they ever think about hurting you. Chuck left Blair on that plane because she slept with Nate. Blair hurt him long before we knew she could hurt him. I’ve been in a relationship very similar to this and I was just being a girl not realizing my immaturity and lack of consideration for his feelings actually hurt him very early on. So he got scared I would hurt him more so he wouldn’t allow himself to be vulnerable and ran away. Then came back. Then ran away again. People think Chuck and Blair is very fantastical , but it’s really not. It’s literally just falling in love. I’ve been going back and forth with mine for 10 years because guys like Chuck are scared of being hurt. The difference is guys like Chuck stick up for themselves. Who wants to be stepped all over and hurt and thought of as a play thing. Most guys will let you , but the one’s that ignite that passion are the one’s who want you to see them as a more than just another guy because they see you as more than that. We really hold so much power over them , and they try to exert some sense of personality and are punished by society for it.

  • Bruna

    They’re the best couple ever! They have a love that cannot be explained, it’s complicated, intense. No matter what they do and how much they fight, it will always pull them in. They’re magnetic. Yes, Chuck did some really bad things and so did Blair, but, haven’t you ever loved someone that, no matter the mistake they make, their love is above all. And didn’t you remember when they apoligize to each other, when Chuck wants her to be happy, so he gives his blessing for her to marry Louis, and when he gets the divorce she wanted w/ the prince. Their “I love you” made history with their storie. They didn’t have a healthy relationship, but their love is like no one else. And they turned out happily married and w/ a lovely kid.

  • Bea

    Nope, no way. They’re the best couple in TV history. You’re focusing on a limited amount of, frankly, contrived points. You miss out all the heartbreakingly beautiful scenes that feature in GG, like when Chuck apologises to Blair for the way he treated her; when Chuck pays Blair’s dowry so she can be happy without the looming marriage; also, when they spend the whole last season (much to the viewers’ chagrin) working on themselves and their own problems so they can have a healthy relationship.

    Okay, granted, Chuck is a pretty abominable character in the first season, but he was supposed to be the villain and not a central character at all in the show- kind of why they had him do a 180 to the Chuck that everyone loves.

    I, and I’m sure so many others, will never be convinced that Chuck and Blair are the worst couple ever. I think they are the best. Much better than any other on GG.

  • jaime4brienne

    In the pilot Chuck is NOT her step-brother so you have that wrong. Also he broke the glass and it ACCIDENTLY cut her face.